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ZANETI presents: 'Sprout' Collection - Designer Outdoor Furniture


Zaneti's 'Sprout' collection: a family of outdoor dining/lounge pieces, finished to the highest standards of durability, craftsmanship and design.

A design-focused innovator of furniture, Zaneti introduces its next innovative concept that encapsulates the colourful essence of Italian outdoor living.

Presenting our 'Sprout' collection - a complete range of aluminium chairs, stools, tables and lounge-styled pieces.

'Sprout' combines alluringly sweet lines and unassuming curves with textured finishes for lovers of the outdoors.

Design Brief:

With a core ethos of bringing new concepts and colourful living to outdoor spaces, the 'Sprout' collection designed by Zaneti needed to be carefully conceived to balance innovation, form, style and comfort, yet encapsulate a timeless appeal.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of furniture for commercial and residential markets demanding high-performance, the design of 'Sprout' needed to also consider robustness and longevity.

Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world, not the planet: environmental impact and achieving sustainability were two further key considerations in the concept stages when developing 'Sprout'.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Designed by Zaneti R&D, each product family possesses a unique design and striking form that defines its character and soul.

The 'Sprout' collection mirrors modern design through linearity and gentle, simple curves, offering a unique result.

Various forms and trials of aluminium-bending were implemented in early stages, to try and capture and refine early design details including:

  • The optimal seating position and angle (comfort perspective)
  • Degree of curvature to the product's seat (comfort perspective)
  • A visually balanced product (design perspective)

Critical to the design process was ensuring that the selected materials worked in unison with the proposed design, without compromising any structural rigidity.

  • Following previous collections, 'Sprout' was manufactured using premium-quality materials and endured intensive quality testing in our laboratories, which test for strength and durability, ensuring they withstand everything they may endure in their lifetime.
  • The thickness of extruded aluminium tubing used in the product's frame, as well as gauge of sheet aluminium forming the seat/back, were considered to balance form with function.
  • This was translated effectively during pre-production runs of the products through both manual and, later on, machine-based fabrication runs.

Zaneti are able to utilise up to 98% recycled aluminium during construction - 'Sprout' itself is also recyclable.

  • Coatings/finishes are solvent-free and applied in a zero-release facility
  • Colour and finish selections for these coatings were considered to best complement the design of the product, and the emotional effect the product forms have on the user.
  • These colours and textured coatings were executed with great success and enabled the final product's form to come to light

Design Excellence

Designed by Zaneti R&D, our 'Sprout' collection presents an innovative concept to bring comfort and style to the outdoors with plenty of modularity and personalisation.

'Sprout' was conceived with simplicity and familiarity being key throughout its design.
Linearity features in the flattened aluminium straps which are gently folded, forming the back/seat of the products - a modern take on the timeless park bench that is familiar to all.

'Sprout' is designed to be accessible for anyone, from small balcony settings to complex alfresco dining precincts with varied seating.
This is owed to its modularity, product types and colours, making it a positive addition for any space.
Curves are mirrored in the curvature of the seat, which enhances comfort whilst seated.
'Sprout' has seen success due to this ease of access to any user in a wide range of settings and is often praised for its seamless design implementations across its entire range.

'Sprout' has successfully satisfied European safety standards NF EN 581-1 & NF EN 581-2.
With the end-user in mind, stackable products in the collection are designed in a way where products remain well-balanced and supported by one another to enable easy and safety in both movement and storage. This is enhanced by their lightweight design and is a well-received property of the product.

Designed to last, our product meets the highest quality standards and is superbly finished - Zaneti are proudly ISO-certified (9001:2015).
Coated in Zinc and anti-UV additives, our finishes are AFNOR standardised tested for hardness, resistance to scratching and to rust, setting the standard for durability.

Zaneti continues to serve as a leading provider of high-performance furniture for commercial and residential markets.
In both, 'Sprout' has already proven to be an icon for its affordability and innovative design, invigorating outdoor spaces everywhere.

Design Innovation

We believe outdoor spaces should be directed by imagination without the compromise typically introduced by a 'function-first' approach.

Zaneti's 'Sprout' features a striking design which connects the unassuming nature of the outdoors to the vibrance of Mediterranean coastal life.
Outdoor furniture often fails to capture this relationship between outside functionality and style, where darker, monotonous colours are often favoured.
As such, our signature range of powder coat finishes includes bold, vibrant and earthy colours, drawing inspiration from many of nature's textures and hues.
These have been infused into our range’s design by our R&D team, allowing it to offer the best of both design and function within the industry.

Our innovation extends beyond trend-setting colours and the re-imagination of traditional forms, and carries into our materials and manufacturing processes.

With environmental impact at the forefront of our design, Zaneti continually strives to reduce its emissions and waste where possible.
Paving the way for the future, 'Sprout' products utilise 98% recycled aluminium - including material from re-used Zaneti product.
By developing a zero-release coating facility, an end-product with excellent wearing properties for its desired market is made possible, whilst also protecting the atmosphere from the by-products of manufacturing.
Zaneti is consistently forward-thinking and looks to sustainability as a key aspect for future growth and success as a brand within an environmentally-conscious world.

Design Impact

Zaneti provide an unparalleled continuity in design that has been responsible for the inspiration of colourful outdoor living for years.
Our products captivate quickly and make bold, lasting impressions, with our brand's designs being incorporated into hundreds of homes and outdoor commercial spaces,

With 'Sprout' offering such a diverse range of product types and colours, we have empowered architects, designers and customers with resources to create truly personalised and innovative spaces.

Within the commercial space, Zaneti has seen significant success with 'Sprout', where its positive impact in shaping the customer experience within these spaces has been pivotal.
Zaneti has transformed Australia's hospitality industry, helping the country's largest franchise groups elevate the importance of outdoor furniture as being a first impression.
In turn, Zaneti has invigorated the industry and encourage patrons to be excited and inspired by what is possible with outdoor dining and lifestyle.

Part of Zaneti's success is owed to its forward-thinking with colour innovation, adding value to its products.
'Sprout' has been praised by many for its ingenuity with design and colour offerings.

The brand has been praised in publications including DMARGE, where the brand was cited as being the "best outdoor furniture brand".
RUSSH Magazine has also cited Zaneti as being "the easiest way to add character to your backyard or outdoor space".

The design of 'Sprout' has proven a monumental success for Zaneti and for the industry alike, inspiring customers and competition alike to adapt to current trends and push the limits of design.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

With environmental impact at the forefront of our design, Zaneti continually strives to reduce its emissions and waste where possible.

With aluminium forming a large component material in Zaneti's manufacturing, considerations during the decision-making process behind each product include:

  • Required materials needed for the product's construction
  • Sustainable sources for materials chosen
  • What types/grades are used (e.g. metal tube gauge/thickness)
  • How the material is processed, from its raw state to a final product

Zaneti are able to utilise up to 98% recycled aluminium during construction, including from recycled sources, as well as material generated from re-used/recycled Zaneti products and manufacturing by-products.

By aiming to create as much of a closed-loop manufacturing as possible, as an ambitious company, Zaneti are able to:

  • Reduce manufacturing costs and re-invest in R&D for new designs and improvements on manufacturing methods
  • Reduce material wastage and contributions to manufacturing rubbish
  • Be less reliant upon sustainable material sources, allowing for it to be used by others in effort to improve global decisions for sustainability

Also key to our environmentally-sustainable manufacturing processes, is the design of our manufacturing plants and how finishes are applied to our products.
Through the use of a 'zero-release' facility, vapors and gases released during manufacturing are captured and redistributed, preventing escape to the atmosphere.

With Zaneti's production capacities ever on the increase, these key considerations are pivotal in aligning Zaneti with other green manufacturers and contributors to good, sustainable practice.

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