Finalist 2023


Secure Parking

Voyager is an IoT ticketless, cashless and contactless system used to enable seamless end to end digital car parking experience

Winner of the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards and Finalist at the 2023 IoT Alliance Australia Awards, "Voyager" is an Australian innovation transforming the parking industry through the creation of a revolutionary IoT based carparking solution - all designed and manufactured right here in Australia and showcasing Australian IT innovation to the world. Secure parking and its’ parent company Park24 group, enlisted various multi-disciplinary experts across Australia to design and develop custom hardware, software and services to provide a superior customer experience which has now been rolled out across Australia and used by thousands of customers daily.

Design Brief:

The Voyager brief was to create an IoT based ticketless, cashless and contactless car parking system where customers can connect in near real time for a seamless end to end digital car parking experience unlike anything seen today. The design challenge was to create a product for customer interaction that enhanced the user experience and accessibility of the parking environment. The solution had to allow for easy installation, maintenance, scalability and customisation, whilst withstanding the effects of harsh environmental elements. By investing in design and encouraging industrial design principles, software, UX and service design to be developed holistically, Secure Parking were able to create a bespoke solution, optimised for all stakeholders at every stage of their life cycle. The modular Voyager hardware system allows for easy installation with new and existing car parks, and quick and efficient repair via toolless access and plug and play components.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Secure Parking adopted a design first approach, that is unique for a car park operator to undertake. By choosing not to adapt existing equipment from traditional providers, Secure Parking, along with a team of IT partners, have set a new standard in PARCS technology, for a no compromise vision. This resulted in the complete development of not only the reader head, but the entire parking eco system including software, UX and back end operations of the system and the complete manufacture of new hardware.

Through a strategic focus on manufacturability, repairability and future proofing, Secure Parking has positioned voyager uniquely to retain its sleek ergonomic design whilst being enhanced technically to meet the needs of customers in the future.

Design Excellence

The reader head has multiple forms of interaction and feedback for customers, from a large touch screen, to contactless QR scanners for bookings, NFC readers for permanent parkers and payment modules for casual users. Sensors and audio-visual components are integrated seamlessly, including cameras for interaction with customers, and collision detection within the reader head to alert the maintenance team. Stainless steel components form the structure for superior corrosion resistance, whilst the reader head has a high level of ingress protection with component spec’d to work in extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of using Voyager for carpark operators include:

  • No moving parts means low preventative maintenance costs
  • Reader heads can simply be swapped out in the event of a support incident.
  • No need for extensive onsite repairs gets you back online generating revenue, fast !
  • Near real-time access between carpark and web/mobile means customers know what sites have availability and when
  • Being paperless means there is no need for ongoing refills and payment receipts can be sent digitally via QR code or mobile text
  • No need to handle cash as Voyager is a completely cashless solution hence lowers your cost of site operations
  • Accepts multiple credit card types including physical cards, digital cards and even your smart watch
  • Support for multiple entry/exit types including tap-n-go cards, QR code and pin number giving customers choice of access
  • Fully PCI compliant solution
  • IP54 weather rated
  • Crystal clear communications with centralised customer service team using “voice over IP” technology

Design Innovation

The Voyager product line is a state of the art IoT based carparking solution created from the ground up. Manufactured in Australia, Voyager is well placed to redefine use of carpark technology and customer experience for the global market. Secure Parking has a long standing history in outstanding carpark management services and has used this to invent our own product line and to compete with the world market. Secure Parking has already successfully installed Voyager across Australia.

Voyager consists of three highly modular components which provide customers with a seamless end to end parking experience. These components include:

  • Digital: new B2C digital solutions including mobile app, website, apple car-play and android auto platforms
  • Backoffice: a suite of sophisticated ERP solutions used to remotely manage our PARCS environment as well as connecting to customer B2C channels
  • PARCS: In-field digital IoT based PARCS equipment

Key features of Voyager include:

  • Award winning design and innovation
  • No moving parts, reduced support costs and increased revenue opportunities
  • Elegant, streamlined and contactless experience
  • Technology futureproof to support near real-time innovations
  • Unified customer experience across customer facing digital platforms (mobile, web, auto) which are integrated in near real-time with in field carpark equipment that has been designed for high aesthetic appeal
  • Built tough to withstand harsh environments, with gorilla glass touch screen and stainless-steel housing. Voyager is IP54 and IK08 certified, operational temperatures from -10°C to 55°C.
  • Modular solution to ensure quick component replacement for less downtime
  • Voyager has a number of environmental benefits including paperless, no moving parts and low emissions

Design Impact

Manufactured and designed in Australia, Voyager is the ultimate expression of demonstrating what's possible through the use of Australian based innovation talent for global consumption. Locally sourced professional design teams were engaged to designed and create Voyager using a "design first approach" and engaging with customers alike.

Voyager has been rolled out across Secure Parking Australian based sites and planned for launch across NZ before going into the UK market.

Voyager has been developed with the circular economy in mind on the following basis:

  1. Voyager is an example of environmentally conscious design on display given it is paperless ie zero use of paper based tickets or cash
  2. Voyager has been designed with low emissions in mind and has zero moving parts to create a solution which is frictionless and easy to maintain
  3. Electronics design and prototype manufacturing skills were sourced from Victoria including test and proof of concept sites

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