Finalist 2023

Slideaway Sofa Bed

Eva / Tom Shaw

The Slideaway Sofa Bed is both an incredible bed and an even better sofa.

The Slideaway Sofa Bed is both an incredible bed and an even better sofa. Designed to be assembled and disassembled with no tools, the Slideaway Sofa Bed challenges the notion that sofa beds are neither a good bed nor a good sofa.

Design Brief:

To create a sofa bed that sets a new standard. Sofa beds have historically had a bad name for being only an average bed and sofa, or one at the expense of the other. They can be a clumsy piece as they try to be two products-in-one, so something is often compromised including its aesthetic appeal in both forms. By combining our experience with mattresses, timber frames and sofas, we set to achieve the next generation of sofa bed innovation. Being an incredible sofa and an incredible bed, that's effortless when transitioning and looks beautiful in either form.

This project was developed by:

  • Eva
  • Tom Shaw

Design Process

We wanted to create a sofa bed that was uncompromising. Over 18 months, we undertook three rounds of user testing resulting in several prototypes living with staff before deciding on a three-layer cushion with a plush duvet wrap and an easy sliding mechanism for the bed. CNC manufacturing was utilised to remove labour intensive processes and ensure costs at a minimum. To save on unnecessary fixings, the assembly comes together easily in two parts with only hand screws to hold the sofa firmly bed together. Key roadblocks were finding the lowest variation in firmness perceptions between sofa and bed mode.

Design Excellence

We believe that the design of the Slideaway Sofa Bed really challenges people's perception of a sofa bed - we wanted to design something that people would be proud to have front and centre in their main living room, not tucked away in their second bedroom. This includes even having the sofa bed open for daybed use as another main mode of use. We specifically selected materials that would withstand the rigors of everyday life, ensuring they would look great in years to come.

Slideaway's unique frame allows it to effortlessly transition from sofa to bed many times over without compromising on the structural integrity of the product. During the process, we have ensured that we have found the most efficient manufacturing process which in turn allows us to produce a product that uses raw materials that are usually associated with products at a much higher price point. This means that we can offer our customers a well-resolved, high-quality product at a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors in the furniture industry.

Overall, our minimalist design and unique slat base stands out from the rest of our competitors, especially in its versatility across three sofa-modes - sofa, bed and daybed. Our removable covers also ensure that people can use our sofa bed safely knowing that they are able to machine wash the covers in case of an unexpected UberEats mishap.

Design Innovation

We believe the innovation in this product comes through the combination of knowledge used in the manufacturing of mattresses, beds, and sofas. This extensive knowledge has allowed us to create a truly unique product. A sofa bed that has the comfort and looks of a primary sofa and the sturdiness and comfort of multi-layer foam on top of a solid timber bed frame.

Our unique slatted frame is manufactured using state of the art CNC technology to ensure that every component is manufactured to the highest degree of accuracy in order to allow the parts to seamlessly slide with the minimal amount of effort, as it transitions from sofa to a bed and back again. This exacting manufacturing method also allows parts of the product from different batches to be assembled without any issues for the customer.

The multi-layer foam construction in the seat and back have been developed by our mattress manufacturing arm to specifically contour to your body, offering you the perfect sleeping posture. In addition, mattress manufacturing technology has also been used to vacuum compress our sofa bed cushions whilst ensuring that it remains an optimal and plush comfort once fully inflated. This reduces packaging by 70% across the supply chain

Design Impact

Our Slideaway Sofa Bed not only has a positive impact on people's lives but also due to the materials used in its construction, has a positive impact on the planet. Using the knowledge we have from the mattress and sofa manufacturing industry we have been able to combine this to create a truly unique product that functions incredibly well in both sofa and bed mode. We believe this experience sets a new standard for sofa beds and creates the ultimate experience for the end users.

There is no compromise when it comes to comfort in either sofa or bed mode. The timber we use in the frame is sourced from sustainably managed forests and the foams in the back and seat cushions are recycled from our mattress manufacturing process meaning we are using off cut materials that are both CertiPUR and Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certified, that would normally be discarded. During the design process, we also spent a lot of time ensuring that there was minimal waste produced throughout the manufacturing process.

We believe that the investment in professionally designing this sofa bed will result in an increase in market share and sales, as we have received numerous enquiries for a sofa bed over the years, given our award-winning mattress and sofa background. No longer do we need to compromise on either an average sofa or just an ok bed; we have finally achieved a sofa bed that can do both, really well. And make it look good too.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

Flat pack sofa beds can often involve large bulky packaging. To save on unnecessary packaging, we vacuum-compressed our cushions using our experience with mattress technology to achieve an imperceptible difference in comfort when fully inflated. This reduces packaging by 70% across the supply chain, which means we achieve efficiency across inbound and outbound logistics, both commercially and environmentally. Our sofa bed cushions are CertiPUR and Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certified, made from recycled foam, essentially, offcuts from mattresses to ensure minimal waste production. Our timber is also ethically sourced with a non-toxic finish and glues with the lowest amount of VOCs.

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