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Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio HD8 ISO

Blackmagic Design

The ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is the world’s most compact, all-in-one professional live television production switcher and control panel.

The ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is the world’s most compact, all-in-one professional live television production switcher and control panel designed specifically to empower a new generation of live content creators. Offering unrivalled portability it possesses live broadcast tools previously only found in high-end broadcast facilities, in a lightweight form factor that can be used virtually anywhere.

Clear functional zones and refined haptics enhance efficiency and form an intrinsic connection with both novices and experienced users alike. This enables operators to focus on the creative aspects of their craft, reacting instinctively to changing events.

Design Brief:

The growing predominance of streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live has seen a dramatic shift in viewing tendencies, with audiences increasingly seeking out more personalised experiences tailored specifically to their interests or local communities.

Rapid news cycles, along with the explosion of live gaming and e-sports events have all fuelled this hunger for more personalised, niche content. This has in turn driven a need for immediacy, responsiveness and flexibility from broadcasters looking to gain traction with ever more splintered audiences, and a dramatic shift in the ways in which live television is being produced and broadcast.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Until now, the ability for independent producers to live stream broadcast quality content from remote or difficult locations was severely hindered without extensive infrastructure and large support crews.

Tailored specifically toward distributed remote workflows made commonplace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is equipped with a complete set of production, post-production and distribution tools. Pairing exceptional portability with the high capacity data delivery of 5G wireless technology and mobile devices it enables richer, more engaging live experiences regardless of production or viewing location.

Design Excellence

The professional visual narrative found in the ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO elicits a sense of calm efficiency, familiarity and trust. In a dimly lit music venue or cramped broadcast van, matte black non-reflective surfaces allow the enclosure to recede into the background. Left with only the critical backlit control elements, operators are allowed to focus exclusively on the live action in front of them, free to make creative decisions and adjustments quickly and instinctively without distraction.

Every design element has been carefully assessed, refined and meticulously organized to create a rational order that clearly reflects best-practice live switching workflows:

Main Panel – Textured black finish eliminates overhead glare and provides tactile contrast to high gloss switcher buttons and other control features.

Switcher Buttons - The smooth, scalloped caps are explicitly designed to minimise distracting reflections common to traditional buttons, offering positive engagement for error-free operation.

Displays – LCD button labels, audio monitor and fader scale sit perfectly flush with the top surface, minimising distracting shadows and highlights while removing uncomfortable edges.

Touch points – Bespoke fader and joystick have a refined anodised finished with soft-touch grips to enhance perceived quality and provide precise, responsive control over effects and motion graphics.

Form - The 5° tilted control surface offers a natural working posture, putting critical controls at the user’s fingertips for comfortable intuitive operation.

Integration – Inset base allows completely flat in-desk installation for discrete installation in home, mobile and commercial studios.

Design Innovation

The ability for independent producers to live stream broadcast quality content from remote or difficult locations was, until now, virtually impossible without extensive infrastructure and large support crews. The ATEM Television Studio HD ISO overcomes this through:

Enables live streaming to global audiences via online platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Users can leverage mobile data from an Apple or Android phone connected via the USB port, this feature also acts a fail-safe back-up for the 10G Ethernet connection.

Simultaneously records up to 8 inputs to separate DaVinci Resolve Project files. With editable timelines and matching timecode and sync, editors can now re-edit shows in real-time, adding new color grades, updated graphics and professionally remixed audio tracks.

At just one tenth the cost of a typical live switcher chain, it is a fully integrated solution offering all of the broadcast-quality features demanded by industry professionals.

Compact form factor allows real-time editing in unconventional locations, with a ‘plug and play’ set-up requiring just a single video feed and power cable to get started.

The ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO is an empathetic solution to the ever-changing demands of professional broadcasting. Its unprecedented value, intuitive control layout and versatility empowers creative people, institutions and novice users alike, cultivating new and innovative ways of producing and sharing live television content.

Design Impact

The prohibitive cost of large-scale switcher control systems prevents all but the most well-resourced studios and networks from producing truly professional large-scale live broadcasts. Requiring desk mounting in a studio or outside broadcast van, most are unsuitable for smaller operations that move quickly between locations on shoe-string budgets and temporary infrastructure.

Inexpensive software-based alternatives are complex and slow to navigate; in fast-paced, unpredictable live situations such inefficiency could be the difference between a compelling broadcast and a failure.

The powerful but portable ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO demonstrates Blackmagic Design’s commitment to democratising broadcast-quality switcher technology. Embedded with a range of broadcasting technologies, the ATEM Television Studio HD8 is a central hub of the Blackmagic Design live production ecosystem. From this central point users are seamlessly connected to other product categories, leading to further sales and strengthening of brand loyalty through enduring positive experiences:

Users can connect to and control Blackmagic Studio Cameras directly from ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO, performing color correction, tally and lens zoom and focus control for up to 8 sources.

With built-in real-time editing of DaVinci Resolve project files, users can leverage the world’s best post-production solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post-production in the one software tool.

Built-in audio mixer introduces users to Fairlight professional audio mixing and editing technology, designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading audio engineers.

With 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers for green screen keying effects, users can become familiar with Ultimatte real-time compositing processors that allow rapid keying of green screen footage for compelling virtual 3D environments.

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