Finalist 2023

Nuoqi Shen

Mars Odyssey

'Mars Odyssey' is a future fashion collection, merging Martian lifestyle with sustainable, technological and unisex fashion.

"Mars Odyssey" is a world-making future fashion collection envisioning life on Mars, fusing sustainability and tech. Its unique inflatable prototypes offer body temperature regulation and oxygen provision, embodying innovative style with functionality for Mars' outdoor activities. The collection promotes sustainable innovation via zero-waste design, upcycling, 3D streamlined production, and biodegradable materials, paving the path for bold self-expression on the Red Planet.

Design Brief:

"Mars Odyssey" is a world-making future fashion collection that envisions a lifestyle on Mars 2050s and proposes possibilities for more sustainable and technology-engaged fashion. New spacesuits, wearable oxygen gear, and life support devices provide alternatives for outdoor human activities on Mars, as well as opportunities for bold self-expression. The inflatable and thermochromic design prototypes propose potential functions such as thermal insulation, temperature regulation, air storage, radiation protection, and abrasion resistance, while also combining style and innovation. The collection engages multiple sustainability innovation methods, including zero-waste design, upcycling, streamlined production in CLO 3D, and using biodegradable materials throughout the collection.

This project was developed by:

  • Nuoqi Shen

Design Process

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection draws inspiration from the stark Martian landscape, integrating it with innovative design methods and processes. Zero-waste pattern draping and CLO3D design experimentation reimagine the style of space wear. The integration of inflatable-making technology introduces space wear functionality into fashion, combining survivalist practicality with avant-garde aesthetics to portray a stylish future on Mars.

The design process heavily relies on the 3D design program, Clo3D. This tool allows for extensive exploration with 'Zero-waste patterns' - an inventive approach to designing clothing that minimizes waste and contributes to sustainability. Alongside this, physical draping is used, a hands-on method of manipulating and arranging fabric to create patterns, providing a tangible connection to the materials and designs.

A significant part of the design process is the integration of inflatable-making technology to infuse functionality into fashion. This includes techniques like air-tight pneumatic designs using sonic welding and heat-bond quilting. These result in pieces that are practical for survival in harsh environments while making strong fashion statements.

Sustainability forms the core of the 'Mars Odyssey' collection. Numerous innovative methods are employed to maintain this focus, from zero-waste design to upcycling. Production is also streamlined through 3D programs, and biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used throughout the collection.

This collection also features innovative use of techniques such as digital and transfer print graphic designs that infuse each piece with vibrant and engaging visuals. Critical to the collection's construction are materials like TPU plastics, high-density scuba fabrics, and heat-reactive color-changing elements. These contribute to a unique and futuristic aesthetic that dovetails with the Martian theme, providing a bold vision for the fashion of the future.

Design Excellence

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection epitomizes design excellence by seamlessly blending functionality, aesthetic appeal, accessibility, safety, quality, and sustainability, all while offering an immersive user experience. This collection not only addresses the practicalities of potential life on Mars, but it does so with an innovative fashion-forward approach, making it a standout example of functional design.

Each piece in the collection has been meticulously designed to be inclusive and accessible, catering to a wide range of body types and identities with a unisex, gender-fluid approach.

The collection's aesthetic appeal doesn't compromise its potential functionality. The unique detailing and avant-garde design elements provide a visually striking representation of the new spacesuit. Simultaneously, features such as air-tight inflatable designs help regulate body temperature, and heat-reactive color-changing materials respond to environmental conditions.

Quality is embedded within every aspect of the 'Mars Odyssey' collection, from the use of durable, biodegradable materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), to the inclusion of high-density scuba fabrics and heat-reactive color-changing elements.

Sustainability, a key facet of modern design excellence, is central to this collection. The innovative use of zero-waste pattern design, upcycling, and biodegradable materials showcases an environmentally responsible approach to fashion design.

Moreover, the user experience is deeply integrated into the design process, providing not only wearable pieces but an immersive vision of future Martian life and fashion.

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection sets a new benchmark for design excellence, underlining the importance of professional design and demonstrating its power to shape the future.

Design Innovation

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection showcases innovative design processes by adeptly bridging the gap between digital simulation and physical creation. Leveraging the capabilities of the 3D program CLO3D, the collection uses zero-waste pattern cutting to generate inflated and sculptural silhouettes. The boundaries between the digital and physical worlds become indistinguishable, and the resulting designs are a testament to this boundaryless approach.

Beginning with digital simulations, the designs are transformed into physical pieces through patterns made digitally, revolutionizing the traditional design-to-production process. This forward-thinking process not only streamlines production but also minimizes waste, ushering in a more sustainable fashion practice. The process doesn't stop at physical production; the collection is communicated both in the physical world and the metaverse, extending its influence.

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection provides an innovative solution to a complex challenge, paving the way for a new era of fashion that is simultaneously functional, sustainable, and stylish. It offers ground-breaking design features that could set the standard for future space wear design.

Design Impact

'Mars Odyssey' investigate strategies and methods to design fashion more sustainably and inclusively and wish to bring the concept to life.

It bolsters social inclusivity with its gender-fluid designs, reflecting a more diverse society and fostering conversation around space exploration.

Environmentally, it pioneers sustainability in fashion with its zero-waste designs and use of biodegradable materials. These practices align with a Circular Economy, minimizing waste and environmental impact, demonstrating a new, eco-conscious path for fashion design.

The 'Mars Odyssey' collection significantly contributes to Victoria's design and creative culture, further cementing its status as a hub for design innovation.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

The collection explored sustainability innovation strategies and dedicated creating a more sustainable practice using multiple methods, include:

  • Zero-waste design. The patterns are developed through draping and dividing in 3d program CLO3d, which controls the patterns to be complementary or in geometric shapes that can be arranged to achieve minimal waste when cutting.
  • Upcycling. The collection collects discarded pants and gloves from Op shop, refreshing them with transfer prints and incorporating the used pants as a base to create a new zero waste pants.
  • Streamlined production in 3D programs. The toiling process was eliminated through accurate prototyping in Clo3d, there was less waste produced in the toiling process and the production process was streamlined.
  • Using biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) across the whole collection.
  • NFT digital fashion. The collection is also digitally rendered and the design can be spread and consumed as NFT.

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