Finalist 2023

Toothtales: Peak-end Rules Applied to Pediatric Dentistry

Yu Bi

Toothtales designed to revolutionize the dental experience for children.Transforming Dental Visits into Engaging Adventures for Children!

Toothtales is an innovative app designed to enhance the dental experience for children. With Toothtales, parents have the convenience of booking appointments for their kids with just a few taps. The app takes children on an exciting adventure in Monster Park, where they can immerse themselves in a playful environment and learn about dental care through interactive and educational activities. Say goodbye to dental anxiety as Toothtales brings smiles, fun, and good oral health together in one app.

Design Brief:

My project can help improve children's dental experiences, it can have a positive impact on their overall well-being, as well as on the parents and caregivers who may be concerned about their children's dental health. By providing a more positive dental experience, my project can also help to reduce fear and anxiety associated with dental visits, which can contribute to better oral health habits in the long term. In terms of citizen power, my project could empower parents and caregivers to feel more confident in their ability to provide their children with good dental care. It could also raise awareness of the importance of good dental health, which could lead to greater engagement and involvement in dental health initiatives at the community level.

This project was developed by:

  • Yu Bi

Design Process

The pediatric dentistry project followed a professional design process, starting with comprehensive research on pediatric dentistry and children's dental fears, while incorporating the peak-end theory. The team ideated and prototyped the Toothtales app, Monster Park offline experience, and interactive dental tools. This project was designed in 12-weeks course called GRAP2256 Comm Design Expertise - Ext of RMIT University, and I got 93/100 HD.

Design Excellence

The pediatric dentistry project meets the fundamental criteria for good design, emphasizing functionality, accessibility, aesthetics, safety, quality, and sustainability. The user experience is at the forefront, providing a holistic and high-quality journey for parents and children through the Toothtales app and the engaging Monster Park offline experience.

This innovative project sets a new benchmark for design excellence not only in Victoria but also across Australia and internationally. By applying the peak-end theory and utilizing a professional design process, it showcases a groundbreaking approach to pediatric dentistry. The emphasis on reducing fear and promoting good oral health communicates the benefits of investing in professional design, making dental visits enjoyable and empowering children to prioritize their oral health.

Design Innovation

The pediatric dentistry project presents an innovative and imaginative solution to the challenge of children's dental fear. By combining online and offline experiences and applying the peak-end theory, the project reimagines dental visits as engaging and educational adventures. The use of re-designed, interactive dental tools and a real dental treatment room sets a new benchmark for design excellence.

The user-centered approach ensures that the project meets the individual needs of children and parents, promoting proactive oral healthcare. This ground-breaking project creates a unique and memorable dental filling experience, reducing fear and promoting good oral health practices for children not only in Victoria but also across Australia and internationally.

Design Impact

The pediatric dentistry project has resulted in a positive and lasting impact from various perspectives. Socially, it reduces children's fear and anxiety related to dental procedures, empowering them to embrace better oral health habits. Environmentally, the project showcases sustainability through redesigned dental tools, promoting eco-friendly practices in the medical field. From a commercial standpoint, it can boost dental practices' reputation and patient engagement.

Investing in a professional design process has been instrumental in achieving the project's success. The user-centered approach created an engaging experience for children and parents, highlighting the importance of design in Victoria's innovative healthcare solutions. The project's unique and ground-breaking features contribute to Victoria's reputation as a hub for human-centered design, extending its influence internationally. Ultimately, this project sets a new standard in pediatric dentistry, positively impacting society, the economy, and the environment.

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