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GetMee - Balendran Thavarajah / AMES Australia - Mirta Gonzalez- General Manager of Education / VFS Global- Harpreet Singh- Global Lead- Australia and New Zealand Regional Head / VFS Global / Deakin University- Dr. Pubudu Pathirana & Carol Doyle- CEO You Study International College / GetMee Anjali Kushwah - Experience Designer

GetMee is the world's first communication and employability coach powered by Artificial Intelligence.

GetMee is an innovative AI-powered app for educators, enterprises, and government sectors, revolutionising employability and communication. GetMee's groundbreaking design improves the English language by blending traditional teaching methods and personalised digital AI coaching technology.

GetMee democratises the $33.9B employability market by giving users access to AI-powered communication coaching, empowering social mobility and driving improved employability.

Since being a Victorian Premier design finalist in 2022, The Minister for Immigration the Hon. Andrew Giles said GetMee's initiative aligned with the federal government's vision of ensuring migrants and refugees could realise their full aspirations for life in Australia.

Design Brief:

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, unemployment, poor customer service, and frustrated employees are often the by product of poor communication skills.

GetMee solves the communication and language gap experienced by many but especially skilled migrants that are hindered from fully integrating into new economic environments like Australia. Since our MVP launched, we have helped thousands around the world become more employable through improved communication. We have exclusive partnerships in Indonesia, launched in over 15 countries with Interview Ready™ and Marketplace features, and partnered with International credited companies such as VFS Global, AMES Australia, Pacific Training Group, Language Advantage, Far Eastern University and ISBR Business School.

CSIRO listed GetMee as an AI Enabler and highlighted as a top AI Communication Coach by Geek Flare Magazine.

GetMee's MyAMES Chat app officially launched in July 2023 by Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Minister Andrew Giles at the AMES Australia head office in Melbourne.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The digital design of the app and the related backend systems has gone through several iterations of prototyping. Since the pilot program with 1500 students with our partner, Education Centre of Australia, GetMee has diversified our design to meet the market and launched Interview Ready™, Marketplace, and customer branded applications.

The R&D and engineering team started with a wireframe that provided the overall design and highlighted key functionalities. Once the design ideas were formalized and documented, the ideas were tested and validated with the early adopter customers. The designs were then professionally built into an interactive prototype using invision application.

The design team has exceeded the expectation and objectives of the company which was established by the stakeholders, R&D experts, engineering team, and the early adopter customer feedbacks.

While creating the brand and the user experience of GetMee, we carefully considered the ambitions and International market strategy and competitive launch of Chat GPT. GetMee had to be professional, cutting-edge, energetic and transformational. The outline of our brand feel is innovative, comprehensive, bold, and sleek.

The feedback mechanism processes to capture objective feedback and affects the overall designed
personalised journey for the user. The company developed the app functionality and the design around direct customer feedback, resulting in added Interview Ready™ powered by machine learning.

After GetMee was released to the market, we received support from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the prestigious Entrepreneurs’ Programme that proves robust AI technology and design.

Design Excellence

Traditionally, communication and language improvement in Victoria and around the world has been limited to human coaches to improve employability and language skills. The coaches are often expensive with limited access. Students end up using yellow "sticky notes" to rope learn and practice on their own with no feedback.

The GetMee application powered by Advanced AI reimagines the way people develop employability and language skills using a human-centric design, providing personalised feedback.

GetMee's newest feature Interview Ready™ leverages AI to produce a real-time interview where job seeker's behavioural and technical answers are measured against the candidate's market. Live reports provide immediate coaching, enhancing job seeker's confidence and communication abilities.

The GetMee team started the design with market analysis including sizing, competition, and solution appetite using qualitative and quantitative methods. To make the AI coach, work seamlessly and build trust with the customer, the design team had to consider the user experience holistically. Presenting the deeply technical product to the customer through innovative ways by deploying a fit-for-purpose design was key to the successful delivery of the GetMee product.

The project has created a secure and private self-learning AI that monitors the customer’s communication patterns along with the expression of emotions using a variety of AI technologies. The advanced AI and machine learning rules, over time, are able to reliably understand the user’s communication habits and emotional intelligence.

The project has created a secure and private self-learning AI that monitors the customer’s communication patterns along with the expression of emotions using a variety of AI technologies. The AI and the learning rules, over time, are able to reliably understand the user’s communication habits and emotional intelligence. With Interview Ready™, the user can experience a real time interview with immediate feedback against the job seeker market.

Design Innovation

Our R&D team consisting of social scientists, psychologists and personal development experts via drawing from their field have created our own ground-breaking methodological framework (PCIM) that is able to assess communication and English language skills. There is not anything like GetMee currently in the market and it is the world's first innovation supported by patent-pending algorithms and processes. The application's hallmark resides in its groundbreaking array of features, which encompasses the facilitation of English language enhancement, cultural assimilation, job search assistance, and impartial interview preparation, catering not only to migrants but to the diverse user base.

The method is able to understand the distinct and nuanced idiosyncrasies and discrepancies of human communication. It allows individuals to know their communicative and language skill blind spots and to correct them accordingly. This is all done objectively and through a variety of means i.e. live feedback, a notification system put together by communication coaches, psychologists, and sociologists and a digital platform.

The digital platform is the world's first for communication and employability skills. Already it is a space and domain where key specialists, experts and world-renowned coaches come together to create content and engage with each other, enterprises and the public. This all-around end-to-end system is truly going to change the sector in Victoria, Australia and the World.

GetMee now caters to international educators, customer service agencies, enterprises and government sectors enhancing communication with certified coaching. The intended outcome is to empower migrants to become more employable and confident in various job roles, from call centres to skilled technical roles.

The GetMee product places customers at the heart of great technological innovation and product design. By simplifying and incorporating customer engagement throughout the product GetMee takes the customer on a journey of Artificial Intelligence experiences.

Design Impact

Skilled migrants have a high participation rate in the workforce and the Australian economy. Migrants significantly impact localised efforts, leading to innovation, opening doors for Victoria globally. We’ve all heard the stories of refugee surgeons, engineers and architects driving taxis, GetMee bridges the communication and language gap.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said “We want everyone who comes to Australia to be able to realise their ambitions and to take up fulfilling and meaningful places in our society, and this app supports that idea.”

What thought leaders are saying:

“We believe that GetMee will reshape how corporate leaders learn, develop and transform”- Fauzi Rachmanto Kubik, GetMee’s Indonesian partnership

“GetMee app is an essential tool for new arrivals who wish to improve their English skills to enhance their employment opportunities.” -Sunny S, Future Skills Mentor RMIT University

“The app affords added flexibility to newly arrived migrants and refugees studying English. They can study in their own time and at their own pace.- Cath Scarth, CEO AMES Australia

The Interview Ready feature has definitely been the biggest selling point for our students today. -Lyla Kilic- Pacific Training Group Student Experience Manager

What our customers are saying:

“A great way to prepare for a job interview. The feedback provides applicants, including those who are already proficient in many areas, with the opportunity to significantly improve how they perform during the interview.”- Job Seeker, Senior Strategy Manager

“The app has been really helpful. It’s helped me understand the idioms used in Australia. It has taught me about the language of the workplace and it has given me more confidence in my search for a job.”-Anh Nguyen

With hundreds of thousands of assessments already done for students and customers, GetMee has embodied positive design with a customer-first experience approach to product design.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

GetMee products stand at the forefront of the circular economy by fostering inclusivity and democratising upskilling and employability for migrants and refugees. This innovative approach not only transforms the lives of individuals seeking better opportunities but also significantly contributes to Melbourne's local commerce and the Australian economy as a whole.

In 2023, the rapid growth of artificial intelligence has transformed various industries, revolutionising how businesses operate and how individuals interact with technology. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, GetMee optimised its proven product design, improving the sophisticated, sleek, and user-friendly app.

Employing rigorous machine learning models, the app garnered widespread acclaim from English language and vocational schools, as well as international training, leadership, and government programs. GetMee's products break down barriers by providing accessible and affordable opportunities for migrants and refugees to acquire essential language, communication, and job-related skills. By removing financial constraints and geographical limitations, the platform empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to improve their employability and embark on fulfilling careers. By reducing the need for Australian businesses to rely solely on overseas talent and nurturing local skills, the platform contributes to a self-sustaining and dynamic workforce that can cater to the nation's diverse demands.

The GetMee product design exemplifies a circular economy approach by nurturing local talent, empowering migrants and refugees with vital skills and employability opportunities. As a transformative force in the education and employment landscape, GetMee drives positive social impact, inclusivity and sustainable economic growth. Solidifying its position as a catalyst for change, GetMee fosters a sense of belonging and social cohesion within communities. This harmony supports inclusive growth and strengthens the social fabric of Australian society.

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