Finalist 2023

Co-Creating an Equitable and Inclusive Future for Football with Nike Pacific

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Through collaboration and creativity, we visualised how Nike can be a catalyst for lasting impact in sport.

What could the future of sport look like?

Together with Nike and an impressive Gen Z co-creation team, we imagined what the future of football could be on the biggest stage of all.

Through collaboration and creativity, we visualised how Nike can be a catalyst for lasting impact in sport.

Design Brief:

By capturing their visions of the future, we equipped Nike with the insights they needed to create authentic, equitable, and resonant stories that champion women and gender-diverse athletes on a global stage.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

We invited 24 young women, girls, and non-binary people to share their vision of sport in a closed Discord group.

In this space, we created safety, trust, and momentum to sustain authentic engagement over a week of research.

Young people were empowered to respond to a different brief each day: from reimagining the way people of all genders experience sport, to exploring new pathways into the game—our collaborators told us their stories by creating vlogs, banners, and music playlists from the future.

Through open conversation and collaboration, we understood the best ways to connect with this audience on their terms.

Design Excellence

The aim of this research was to capture and amplify the voices of 24 young women, girls, and non-binary people—each bringing their passion for sport, unique background, and identity to the experience.

By asking them to imagine the future they want to play in, Nike can better support and connect with their needs, on the journey towards making sport more inclusive and equitable. To achieve this, we designed a research approach that would engage them over a 1 week period.


We sent out 24 co-creation kits filled with activities, tools, and merch. We asked everyone to film an unboxing video: this was the start of something special.

The kits had jerseys in their size, Nike gear, a personalised welcome letter, and all the materials they needed for the week.


We chose Discord as the platform to participate, chat and share stories. It was a safe, familiar, closed environment free from parental influence.

Every morning, we posted a video with that day’s creative brief. Participants then used their co-creation kits (and more) to make posters, mood boards, playlists, and videos that told the story of ‘their future football’. We also had a daily movement challenge, encouraging activity in lockdown and more social connection.


During the process of synthesis and playback of insights, we used the participant’s own words and creations to tell the story of the project.

This meant that the project findings were shared in their words, not ours.

Design Innovation

This project sets a new benchmark for using generative, creative research to connect and engage with younger participants.

There were a few methods we applied that were creative in both their execution and outcomes:


We used Discord to design an environment where young people could be authentic, bold and inspired.

Each research stream in Discord had a unique purpose: the #welcome and #briefs channels broadcasted key information, while the #ask and #movement-challenge channels gained natural momentum with input from participants.


Private collaboration spaces allowed participants to communicate in a smaller group of 5-6 people of the same age. They could set a team name, dive into deeper conversations, and develop their own community outside of the larger research group.

Participants that were initially nervous on Day 1 of the research became some of the most active voices on Discord, freely articulating their opinions and championing the ideas of others.


Each research prompt was designed to be a positive exchange: opting into the research meant receiving a customised kit with Nike merch, stationery, and photography.

Joining Discord for the first time was paired with a welcome video from the Matildas. Taking part in an optional task was a way to enter the draw for a new pair of kicks, announced at the end of each day.

Design Impact

Over the course of the research, we saw high rates of participation and genuine contribution from all the young people involved.

We created an emotive, digital storytelling tool unlike any research output we’ve made yet. It's an insights tool full of our collaborators' own creations: videos, playlists, collages, and voices. It brings the voice of Gen Z to the boardroom table.

Their guiding insights will continue to inform Nike’s brand leadership and roadmap into 2023, in pursuit of a more accessible, inclusive and equitable sector.

“This experience has been incredible, and being part of this team will be something I remember for the rest of my life! Thank you to your team for this opportunity, as well as the encouragement and passion you have shown me as I explore all elements of sport! It’s been a fantastic thing to do, especially during lockdown and school holidays!” - Participant, aged 14

“Our consumer connection and understanding is pivotal to ensure we create strategies and plans that resonate. Co-creating an unbiased and optimistic view on the future for sport with this cohort was an inspiring, uplifting and deeply insightful process that has had impact going far beyond the direct outcomes of the project.” - Nick, Brand Director, Nike Pacific

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