Finalist 2023

Australian Open - Infosys: Reimagining Tennis with Technology

Sandy Tsindos - Account Director (Charles Elena)  / Tomas Palazzo - Creative Director (Charles Elena)

Infosys ground-breaking immersive 3D billboard for the 2023 Australian Open at the heart of Melbourne CBD

As the long-standing digital innovation partner for the Australian Open, Infosys had the opportunity to improve its brand awareness during the 2023 tournament in January. The result, a 236sqm immersive, 3D anamorphic billboard in the heart of Melbourne (Bourke Street and Swanston Street). Coincidently, just like tennis, it turned heads.

Design Brief:

The design brief aimed to address the issue of Infosys's hidden involvement in tennis despite being a prominent provider of digital experiences for major events.


  • To position Infosys not only as a technology leader but as an innovative company working with amazing brands to bring the best experiences for their client and their customers.
  • To showcase Infosys technology and solutions currently implemented in tennis and some of the environments in which they operate.
  • To increase brand exposure with the public, beyond the primary channels of broadcast and ticketed attendance.

The solution involved a 3D billboard campaign in Melbourne, showcasing the latest technologies like virtual reality and metaverse as part of the story of the billboard. The campaign achieved significant reach and impressions, effectively highlighting Infosys as a technology leader with amazing brand collaborations.

Last but not least, it went viral on Linkedin!

This project was developed by:

  • Navin Rammohan - Infosys (Client)
  • Dhruv Kanal - Infosys (Client)
  • Sandy Tsindos - Account Director (Charles Elena)
  • Tomas Palazzo - Creative Director (Charles Elena)
  • Giannis Nastas - 3D Artist (Charles Elena)
  • Rachel Yun-Jung Tsui - Motion Designer (Charles Elena)

Design Process

The design process for the Infosys tennis project followed a systematic and professional approach, resulting in a successful execution that met and exceeded the design brief. The first step involved thoroughly understanding the objectives set by Infosys, which included positioning the company as an innovative technology leader in the tennis world, showcasing their existing solutions, and increasing brand exposure beyond traditional channels.

Once the objectives were clear, the design team brainstormed and ideated various concepts to achieve these goals. We identified that the 3D billboard would be a compelling and immersive way to captivate the attention of the public on the streets of Melbourne. The team focused on leveraging technology and Infosys solutions to create an engaging experience for the viewers.

The final design was meticulously crafted to ensure a professional and polished execution. It incorporated elements of technology, such as virtual reality and metaverse, to align with Infosys's expertise. The tagline "Reimagining Tennis with Technology" further reinforced the message of the partnership between Infosys and the tennis world.

The implementation of the design involved using cutting-edge technology and design tools to bring the 3D billboard to life. The visual content of the advert subtly showcased diversity, capability, and the future, aligning with Infosys's brand values. The messaging was strategically woven into the design to communicate Infosys's role in transforming the tennis experience.

The Infosys tennis project went through a professional design process, and the final execution was of high quality and in line with the design brief. The team's innovative use of technology and strategic messaging ensured that the project not only met but exceeded the set objectives, making it a resounding success for both Infosys and the tennis world.

Design Excellence

The Infosys project on the 3D billboard successfully satisfies and exceeds the criteria for good design, encompassing functionality, accessibility, aesthetics, quality, and sustainability.

In terms of functionality, the project employs cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling and animation, combined with a great use medium where it was placed (3DA billboard). These had a very high impact, presenting key themes for Infosys like VR, metaverse and tennis, integrating them seamlessly into the advertisement to captivate the audience and provide a unique user experience. The subliminal messaging of diversity and capability reflects accessibility and inclusivity, allowing people from various backgrounds to engage with the content.

Safety and quality are addressed through a carefully planned and executed campaign that does not compromise public safety during its 7-day duration. The focus on organic reach rather than paid media demonstrates a sustainable approach, maximising impact while minimising environmental footprint.

The project's success lies in the holistic and high-quality user experience that is at the forefront of the design solution. By leveraging data analytics, AI, automation, and human-centered design, Infosys delivers sophisticated statistical and experiential offerings such as MatchBeats, Stroke Summary, 3D CourtVision, Stats+, and Virtual Tennis. This thoughtful consideration for user experience helps Infosys establish itself as an innovative company committed to bringing the best experiences to its clients and customers.

Furthermore, the project sets a new benchmark for design excellence not only in Victoria but for Australia and internationally. The use of state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and attention to detail in crafting an immersive experience on a public billboard showcases the power of design in conveying a brand's message.

Design Innovation

The project by Infosys demonstrates a highly innovative and unique approach to solving the challenge of positioning themselves as a technology leader and showcasing their involvement and impact on the sport of tennis.

By utilising virtual reality and metaverse elements in the creative execution, Infosys successfully taps into cutting-edge technologies, offering a unique and interactive experience to the viewers. The use of these technologies not only showcases Infosys' capabilities but also aligns with the future-forward theme of the campaign, positioning them as an innovative and forward-thinking company.

The focus on user-centered design is evident through the subliminal messaging of diversity, capability, and the future in the content of the advert. The campaign responds to the individual needs of its users by providing an engaging and visually stimulating experience, thereby increasing brand exposure beyond traditional channels. The 7-day duration of the campaign indicates a strategic approach, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity, further enhancing the impact of the innovative design.

Design Impact

From a Social perspective, the project has had a positive impact by showcasing Infosys's involvement in tennis and its contributions to enhancing the tournament experience for fans and players alike. By bringing technology and innovation to the forefront of the tennis world, the project has likely sparked curiosity and interest in the potential of technology to transform sports, delivering great results in terms of brand awareness.

LTS Reach (Likelihood to see) = 713,684
LTS Frequency (View per person) = 15.4
LTS Total Impressions = 10,967,861
OTS Reach (Opportunity to See) = 720,181
OTS Average Frequency (View per person) = 3.1
OTS Total Contacts = 2,239,387

Social (Organic! zero paid media)
16M Reach

Regarding the Environment, while the project description doesn't explicitly mention circular economy principles, it highlights Infosys's use of data analytics, AI, automation, and human-centered design. These technologies and approaches can contribute to sustainability efforts by optimising processes, reducing waste, and improving resource efficiency.

In terms of promoting the importance of design in Victoria, Australia, and internationally, this project sets a strong example of how a professional design process can significantly impact a company's branding and public perception. By using creative and immersive techniques, the project effectively engaged the public, sparking conversations about technology, innovation, and the future of sports experiences. This positive reception may inspire other companies in Victoria and beyond to invest in design-driven initiatives to enhance their own brands and engage with their target audiences.

The project's outcome has been successful in achieving its objectives, making a positive impact from social, economic, and potentially environmental perspectives. By leveraging innovative design and technology, Infosys has strengthened its brand positioning and reputation, contributing to Victoria's design and creative culture while showcasing the potential of technology in sports and society.

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