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STREAT, a heart-warming café in Collingwood, empowers youth with workplace skills, horticultural training, and kindness, fostering community growth and sustainability.

In the heart of vibrant Collingwood, lies STREAT Pantry, a place where kindness and community thrive. This KHID-designed takeaway café embodies the essence of STREAT's identity, creating a heart-warming home for its people.

Reflecting organisational mission to provide young individuals with training, and support, regardless of their starting point, the café showcases the work and products of their trainees. Spanning 123m2, this oasis not only fosters sustainability but also empowers its community to flourish. With a green patio, this space is creating a unique STREAT Pantry experience where visitors are encouraged to linger enjoying a coffee, plants, or delicious bites.

Design Brief:

Visitors are asked to indulge in the STREAT Pantry, a cutting-edge 'grab & go' gem, just 210 meters from STREAT HQ on Cromwell Street. Positioned in the vibrant ground floor lobby of a character building, right beside the IWG co-working office, this dynamic workplace café boasts an array of daily fresh bread, pantry essentials with long shelf-life, soothing coffee, and even lush plants.

But there's a deeper purpose: beyond functionality lies the heart of the design brief - an opportunity to showcase and exalt the incredible produce crafted by STREAT trainees. Immersing you in a world of heavenly bakery goods and thriving horticulture, it's a celebration of accomplishment and pride for the whole STREAT family.

The designers were tasked with creating a hub of innovation and community, where every bite and sip contributes to empowering young talents and embracing a sense of triumph.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The design process for the STREAT Pantry began with a deep understanding of STREAT and its impactful journey. The team recognised that capturing the essence of this organisation was crucial in creating a space that truly resonated with the heart and soul of the people behind it. To achieve this, they delved into the story of STREAT, going behind the scenes to witness the training in progress and the life-changing impact it had on underprivileged youth. This firsthand experience instilled real passion and purpose in the team, inspiring them to design a space that would yield the best possible outcomes for its users.

Combining functionality with aesthetics was a key focus, and the team meticulously brainstormed and workshopped the layout of the main counter to ensure maximum efficiency. Every detail was carefully considered to provide a seamless 'grab & go' experience, catering to the needs of both STREAT's members and the local community.

Managing a tight budget was a challenge, but the team collaborated closely with the builder to ensure the original concept was fully realised without any compromises on the final outcome. By working together and finding creative solutions, they were able to bring the vision to life, staying true to the design brief while keeping the project financially viable.

The result was a resounding success, as the STREAT Pantry now stands as a testament to the passion, purpose, and dedication of both the designers and the STREAT organisation. The space not only functions as a bustling workplace café but also exudes a sense of warmth and inclusivity that embraces the community it serves. The aesthetic choices reflect the heart-warming story of STREAT, celebrating the produce crafted by their trainees with a strong focus on bakery goods and horticulture.

Design Excellence

The STREAT Pantry project stands as a shining example of excellent design, successfully merging the essence of STREAT's spirit with innovative social interaction and workplace strategies. The design achieves a delicate balance, capturing attention without overwhelming, showcasing sophistication through simplicity. By skilfully employing materials and spatial arrangements, the space warmly welcomes both staff and the community, creating a harmonious environment that encourages interaction and collaboration.

The key to this design's success lies in its minimalistic approach, providing a blank canvas that allows the produce to shine. This approach resonates with STREAT's diverse personality, allowing the space to adapt and evolve with time. The designers' astute understanding of the STREAT story and purpose allowed them to craft a design that serves as a true reflection of the organisation's core values.

The 'grab & go' concept caters to the fast-paced modern lifestyle, ensuring that customers can quickly access their desired items without compromising on quality or aesthetics. The intuitive layout, along with the careful attention to space planning, ensures maximum efficiency in the café's operations, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

The final design solution is a testament to how user experience was prioritised throughout the entire process. By visiting the STREAT training program and witnessing the profound impact it had on underprivileged youth, the design team gained valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of both the trainees and the wider community. By factoring in the user experience, the STREAT Pantry goes beyond being a mere workplace cafe. It becomes a haven of empowerment, a place where people not only enjoy delicious offerings but also feel connected, valued, and supported. The design thoughtfully embraces the spirit of STREAT, fostering an environment that not only celebrates the produce but also nurtures growth, creativity, and a sense of belonging.

Design Innovation

The STREAT Pantry project has tackled the challenge of creating a boutique space that strikes the delicate balance between control and warmth, resulting in an innovative and unique design that caters to its users' needs in an exceptional manner. The entrance of the Pantry exemplifies this ingenuity, seamlessly extending from the footpath with a transition from concrete tiles to a charming cottage brick finish, evoking a sense of character and cultural allure reminiscent of Collingwood's vibrant laneways. This thoughtful design allows for easy navigation, facilitating the 'grab and go' experience while also providing two inviting zones for customers to linger and connect. Moreover, the integration with the building lobby grants seamless access to co-working members, fostering an inclusive atmosphere that embraces both STREAT's community and the surrounding workplace.

A ground-breaking feature emerges in the form of the illuminated glass block counter, strategically positioned to introduce a unique light source to the front of the cafe. This clever use of materials not only adds a touch of subtlety and understated elegance but also enhances the overall ambiance, elevating the Pantry's aesthetic appeal.

The STREAT Pantry's material quality serves as a testament to its commitment to sustainability and the celebration of natural beauty. By contrasting the alluring beauty of bread against white and glass tiles, the custom-designed minimal shelving exquisitely showcases the full loaf, inviting customers to appreciate the craft and dedication behind each offering.

Throughout the entire space, the raw material palette is a visual representation of STREAT's identity - heart-warming and homely. This intentional selection of elements infuses the Pantry with a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes visitors feel welcome and connected. The design successfully captures the essence of STREAT's story and purpose, intertwining it with the functionality and aesthetics of the café.

Design Impact

The overall outcome of the STREAT Pantry project is nothing short of transformative, with far-reaching positive impacts on multiple levels. As a result of the innovative and thoughtful design process, the café has evolved into a haven that aligns seamlessly with STREAT's core mission - to support and empower young people who have faced marginalization, disadvantage, and barriers to employment. The carefully crafted environment now serves as a tangible representation of connection, safety, and belonging, providing a nurturing space where young individuals can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

The lasting positive impact on the client, STREAT, is evident in the enhanced ability to fulfill their mission. The Pantry becomes not just a workplace cafe but an extension of STREAT's dedication to offering workplace skills, training, and support. The welcoming and warm atmosphere fosters an environment where trainees feel valued and motivated, promoting growth and personal development. The uplifting ambiance promotes a healthy self, instils confidence, and encourages a sense of achievement among STREAT's family of trainees.

Moreover, the positive impact extends to society as a whole. By investing in a professional design process that aligns with STREAT's values, the Pantry becomes a model of inclusivity and community support. It showcases the potential for businesses to create spaces that not only serve their primary function but also embrace social responsibility and empowerment.

Economically, the project demonstrates the value of investing in design that goes beyond aesthetics. The well-thought-out layout and efficient use of space ensure smooth operations, enhancing productivity and customer experience. The appeal of the Pantry as a warm and welcoming destination also contributes to increased footfall, benefiting both STREAT and the surrounding businesses.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

The STREAT Pantry project exemplifies excellence in circular design and sustainable design principles through its conscious approach to materials, resource utilisation, and local engagement.

Just as STREAT's suite of products is purposefully created to educate and empower youth with valuable skills for the local economy, the design of the Pantry captures the essence of circularity by employing only the minimal materials and elements necessary to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, all with a defined purpose.

Circular design, in this context, is evident in the careful selection and utilisation of elements from the base building to create design features within the Pantry. By repurposing and incorporating existing building elements, the project reduces waste, minimises resource consumption, and extends the life cycle of materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly outcome.

Moreover, the decision to source joinery and furniture from local artisans further promotes sustainability and supports the local economy. By collaborating with local craftsmen, the project reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation and fosters a sense of community engagement. This approach also adds a unique touch of craftsmanship and authenticity to the design, reflecting the ethos of STREAT as a whole.

The overall design philosophy of the Pantry aligns with sustainable design principles by prioritising functionality, durability, and adaptability. The intentional use of materials and space planning ensures that the cafe not only meets the immediate needs of STREAT's operations but also allows for future changes and evolutions, reducing the need for frequent renovations or replacements.

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