Finalist 2022

Lenexa Medical: Pressure Injury Monitoring System (LenexaCARE)

Lenexa Medical / Design + Industry (D+I)

LenexaCARE is a real-time patient position + pressure monitoring system designed to enable personalised pressure injury (or ‘bed sore’) prevention.

The LenexaCARE solution is a world-first fabric-based sensor technology paired with AI software that monitors patient position and pressures in real-time to enable personalised pressure injury (or ‘bed sore’) prevention. The system provides patient-specific non-subjective data to guide clinicians and carers to deliver a higher quality of care, working to minimise patient suffering and to reduce the multi-billion-dollar healthcare burden associated with preventable pressure injuries.

Design Brief:

Despite widespread recognition that pressure injuries are mostly preventable, they remain a devastating health problem, with more than 400,000 cases in Australia every year, costing the Australian public hospital system over $9B annually. Lenexa Medical set out to develop a personalised connected care solution to empower clinicians to deliver targeted, long-term pressure injury care.

The system required the development of integrated technical textiles, electronics hardware, networking solutions, proprietary algorithms, and a highly usable interface for detecting and monitoring patient position, posture, and presence in real-time. The system was required to be compatible with existing single sized hospital bed frames, not add complexity to current workflows and integrate seamlessly with existing I.T. infrastructures. To ensure wide-spread adoption by healthcare providers the solution required exceptional accuracy, reliability, scalability, longevity and be delivered in a low cost packaged suite.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The Lenexa System is an end-to-end patient centred pressure injury prevention and monitoring solution for hospitals and care facilities, with the power to monitor patient position, posture and presence — reducing pain, suffering and healthcare costs — empowering clinicians to deliver a better standard of care. The device concept is comprised of 3 core innovative elements that make the system:

Pressure Sensing Mattress Cover, Databox, AI Algorithm + Patient Management Dashboard. The Pressure Sensing Cover converts a traditional hospital mattress into a personalised patient monitoring system — embedded inside the waterproof 'Smart Sheet' is a custom-made patented ultra-thin fabric-based pressure sensor technology. Pressure information is sent to the cloud via the connected Databox where it is processed by a proprietary AI software. Patient information is displayed in a glance-to-understand digital dashboard providing personalised offloading information + timings. The dashboard provides non-subjective patient data to guide clinicians and carers, in real-time — enabling staff to make data-driven decisions to aid in prioritisation of patient turns. The solution integrates with existing operational + technical infrastructures and is scalable from a small number of beds through to multi-ward + multi-level hospital applications.

Design Excellence

The LenexaCARE system works to put an end to the global pain and suffering of millions of patients who suffer from Pressure Injuries (PI), empower clinicians and carers to deliver a better standard of care, and minimise the financial burden that this puts on healthcare systems worldwide.

  • Unique all-fabric pressure-sensing waterproof sheet made from a combination of electrically conductive technical textiles.
  • Patent-pending flexible modular electrical componentry and advanced electronics to capture isolated and accurate measurements of pressure at a particular point on the sensor sheet.
  • Lenexa has partnered with Melbourne-based textiles and plastics manufacturing facilities for the construction of proprietary ‘Smart Sheets’.
  • Sensing information is combined with proprietary A.I./M.L. software where it is analysed to determine the position + position duration + P.I. risk.
  • Patient data is presented to carers in an easy to understand graphic user interface providing real-time + over-time personalised patient monitoring + alerts. All elements have been designed with the user at the centre (healthcare providers + patients) and to comply with all relevant safety + quality standards (ISO 13485:2016 compliant development).

The LenexaCARE system is TGA Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listed. The system elements have been constructed utilising suitable materials and processes to guarantee reliability over a long product lifetime. Lenexa Medical is proud Melbourne (Victorian) based MedTech company committed to utilising Victorian expertise: medical professionals, technologists, designers, and suppliers to realise proprietary innovative solutions to global health problems.

Design Innovation

Health service organisations are required to ensure prevention mechanisms are in place I.E. Reporting, risk management, collect compliance data - screen activities + whether this is leading to appropriate action, identify gaps in screening, collect data on incidence prevalence + severity. Providers have obligations to implement + evaluate strategies to reduce frequency of + harm from, utilise clinical data to identify opportunities for improvement and facilitate access to equipment + devices for prevention + management of P.I.s. Generally current prevention and management strategies involve adhering to standards + duty of care requirements, individual provider policies and procedures, through manual processes i.e. manual monitoring + record keeping, and following these through with remedial actions.

The LenexaCARE system is a unique user-centered offering to the market that utilises a number of novel and proprietary technologies to deliver an effective, reliable, and affordable solution to a real problem facing healthcare providers + patients globally. The smart technology solution is invisible to the patient + removes the manual monitoring and record keeping processes associated with pressure injury prevention and remediation care for healthcare providers. The system integrates with existing hospital infrastructure (Sheet - fits standard beds, or can be customised to fit any mattress size), does not add to existing bed setup + packdown workflows, hub is easily installed + fixed to existing bedframes/poles, and software that integrates with existing nurse call + I.T. infrastructures.

The LenexaCARE system represents a significant value-proposition: Enhanced visibility of patient P.I. risk, improved quality of care through prevention, enhanced compliance, significant cost savings, reduced carer stress by removing the alternative of manual monitoring across multiple patients (relying on memory, tracking between multiple staff/shifts, which produces an increased chance of risks being missed) and most importantly a significant reduction in preventable pain + suffering for patients.

Design Impact

Despite widespread recognition that pressure injuries are mostly preventable, they remain a devastating health problem, with more than 400,000 cases in Australia every year (1). Pressure injuries (or bed sores) can occur in patients after as little as one hour spent immobile on a surface, putting many patients in ICUs, surgeries, long-stay wards and aged-care facilities at risk. In Australia alone, pressure injuries cost our healthcare sector more than $9 billion every year (1).

“Reducing preventable pressure injuries and stopping the progression of Stage 1 pressure injuries will likely result in an immense cost saving for Australia and will likely have similar benefits for other countries with comparable profiles”.(1)

Early-stage pressure injuries are easy to miss, and the current methods of detection and patient care are subjective and often inaccurate. The results are devastating as hospital stays for patients developing pressure injuries are $18K more expensive on average (1).

LenexaCARE provides healthcare providers with a seamless solution to improve the quality of care, reduce patient suffering and lessen the financial + additional care + additional care material/supplies burdens placed on the system generated by these largely preventable injuries.

The LenexaCARE system is built for a long life of continuous use. Lenexa Medical is proud Melbourne (Victorian) based MedTech company committed to utilising Victorian Designers and suppliers to realise proprietary innovative solutions to global health problems. As the first product offering (hardware, software + system customisation & support service) from Lenexa, the development based on current usage + interest is expected to elevate the start-ups brand, commercial performance and reaffirms the desire for further investment in extending the technology + the development of new additional product lines.

1. Nghiem S, Campbell J, Walker RM, Byrnes J, Chaboyer W Pressure injury in Australian public hospitals: a cost-of-illness study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 2022;104191.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

Hospital stays for patients developing pressure injuries are 18K more expensive on average. Through prevention, LenexaCARE has a major impact by reducing additional medical care resource consumption and costs (i.e. carer resources, as well as consumables such as wound cleaning + dressing materials, sheets, etc which become non-recyclable bio-waste) caused by the development of healthcare acquired pressure injuries. In Australia alone, pressure injuries cost our healthcare sector more than $9 billion every year (1).

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