Finalist 2022

Gigi Bib

Chrissy Dupé, Founder of Gigi Bib / Design + Industry

The world's only wake-proof, accessory-compatible bib range, featuring an innovative ‘one-handed’ clip designed to make life easier for parents.

Gigi Bib is the world's only wake-proof, accessory-compatible baby and toddler bib range. The ground-breaking, one-handed 'Gigi Clip' has been ergonomically designed to be quick and easy to attach and remove with just the thumb and forefinger, saving parents time and making the transition from feeding to settling baby to sleep easier. The Gigi Bib also features a unique Accessory Tether, which securely attaches to the Gigi Clip. Unlike traditional dummy clips, which are easy for little hands to pull off, the Tether keeps dummies, teething rings and other baby accessories close for baby and off the floor.

Design Brief:

Founder of Gigi Bib, Chrissy Dupe's youngest daughter Gisele (Gigi) was very hard to get to sleep as a baby. She would cry for hours every night. The only way to settle her was to feed her, but removing her bib would always wake her. The market didn't offer a bib that could be removed easily and quietly with one hand while nursing a child. All available options had to be pulled off over baby's head, or involved fiddly press-studs that pulled on baby's neck, or noisy velcro strips. Research highlighted that this was a common frustration among parents. So Chrissy decided to create her own 'wake-proof' bib; a bib so easy to remove that it wouldn't wake Gigi when she'd fallen asleep after feeding (or during a 'dream feed'). One that would make the transition from feeding to settling much easier - for her family, and for other sleep-deprived families.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

After creating a series of handmade prototypes based on her idea, Chrissy consulted several Melbourne-based design agencies and selected Design + Industry Melbourne to work with to further develop her concept. Following extensive research and development, including multiple rounds of prototypes, assessment of materials and several design refinements, they arrived at the perfect solution. The aptly named 'Gigi Bib' features an innovative one-handed clip (Patent Pending), designed to be easily opened and closed by gently pinching the clip's arms together using just the thumb and forefinger. This allows parents to easily remove baby's bib with one hand without waking them when they fall asleep during a feed (or during a'dream feed'), giving them a smooth transfer into bed.

The full Gigi Bib range is now available for sale within Australia, through the online retail store - Feedback received from parents and gift-givers has been overwhelmingly positive, with Gigi Bib attracting all five star reviews, including comments like: "The Gigi Baby Bib is a game-changer. It's so easy to take off that it doesn't wake our daughter when she falls asleep during feeds - so I can just pop her straight into bed!" "The quality is amazing. Such a clever idea with the one-handed clip. Brilliant for parents like me who only ever have one hand free!" "Such a fab product. The quality is brilliant, and that one handed clasp makes life so easy, especially for me when I’m on the go and need to feed the little one in my lap out and about. Such a cinch. Love it". Chrissy is currently working on wholesale partnerships for Gigi Bib and has plans to apply the one-handed clip to a range of adaptive wear and accessible products for people with additional needs.

Design Excellence

One of the key design challenges was to create a solution that was visually aligned with the soft aesthetic associated with baby and lifestyle goods. This was amplified by the inherently mechanical nature of the clip, derived from a highly utilitarian inspiration. The inter-linked clip intentionally resembles a ribbon or fabric loop, paying homage to the serif font of the 'Gigi' logo, and the organic, sweeping clip arms feature visual touch points for intuitive use. User experience was the fundamental consideration when designing Gigi Bib. The ergonomic design of the one-handed clip strikes the perfect balance of form and functionality; scaled to be small enough to feature on a newborn bib, and large enough for an adult hand to operate. The clip is made from durable, food-grade polypropylene, free from harmful chemicals, and with optimal repetitive flexing properties. Unlike velcro, it won't wear out from repeated use. All components were rigorously tested against relevant child product safety standards.

The project investment represents excellent value for money, offering a truly innovative product that competes on aesthetic and provides unique functional benefits that no other bib brand offers:

  • easily attached and removed with one hand
  • won't wake baby after a feed, and
  • is able to be accessorised.

Beyond this, the market potential for applying the Gigi Clip to other products and industries, including aged care and the disability sector, further enhances brand value and offers large-scale social return through promoting independence and improving quality of life. The Gigi Bib is a world-first innovation in baby and children's products. It sets a new benchmark for Australian design excellence, and positions Victoria as a leader in this space.

Design Innovation

At its core, this innovative design is driven by a real world problem, and the solution is the first of its kind for this application. The Gigi Bib's one-handed clip features a unique, easy-open/close mechanism, achieved by gently pinching the clip's two arms together and lifting the top of the clip off the base and back on. This allows quick and quiet attachment and removal of the bib. The user-centred design meets the needs of users, but also goes beyond this to solve multiple, practical problems experienced by parents with young children in a new and imaginative way - saving time and hassle, and minimising sleep deprivation - one of the top causes of stress and anxiety among new parents.

The design is not only practical and accessible, but aesthetically appealing - demonstrated by the application and 're-imagining' of a functional utilitarian solution to a smooth, visually pleasing plastic form. The majority of the technical and innovative thinking of the clip is intentionally hidden, elevating the value proposition of the final product. The result is a solution that is delightfully simple, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, useful. Additionally, the unique 'Gigi Accessory Tether' has been designed to easily and securely attach inside the Gigi Clip's closure. Unlike traditional dummy clips, which are easy for babies and toddlers to pull off and throw on the floor, the Accessory Tether can't be removed by baby. This means that accessories such as dummies, teethers, and silicone feeders, stay close at hand and off the floor, saving parents time constantly picking them up and promoting good hygiene by keeping baby's things clean.

Design Impact

This product is the direct solution to a common problem - one that was a daily struggle for Gigi Bib Founder and mum to two young children, Chrissy Dupé. Early stage market research indicated that she was not alone in her struggle. And the solution that was required - a 'wake-proof' bib - simply did not yet exist. By providing this solution to the market, Gigi Bib ensures that parents with young children won't have to endure the stress of inadvertently waking their sleeping child while trying to put them to bed. Gigi Bibs are as versatile and visually appealing as any bibs on the market, with the advantage of being designed without the inherent issues and flaws associated with their competitors.

The extensive range includes baby bibs, teething bibs, silicone bibs, and smock bibs, catering for all ages and stages - from milk-feeding and teething, through to the transition to eating solids. The baby product market is competitive, and many premium offerings exist, often with minimal points of difference. This market saturation has set an elevated consumer expectation for quality and pricing. Gigi Bib meets these expectations, but also offers a unique value proposition that positions it as a clear market leader.

The product's namesake, Gigi, was born with a rare genetic condition; through her family's lived experience, Chrissy has become passionate about supporting people with additional needs and creating social change. Her vision is to Make Life Easier - not just for parents and carers, but for many others - through the application of the accessible one-handed Gigi Clip to adaptive wear and other accessible products across the disability and aged care sectors. By promoting independence for people with physical challenges, such as those with unilateral cerebral-palsy, stroke sufferers and older people, this unique design has significant potential to achieve meaningful social impact.

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