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PIZAZZ is a collection for Summer 2022-23 by Melbourne fashion designer Edgeley, an unapologetic celebration of femininity, frivolity and pizazz.

One of the challenges facing Melbournians is how to regain a sense of fashion and optimism while still feeling comfortable and welcoming the changes that have happened to our bodies over the rolling lockdowns. PIZAZZ brings vitality and vibrancy back to everyday clothing, embracing the female form in all its variations. Taking cues from the Lido Showgirls of Paris and garish 1960s TV sitcoms, PIZAZZ is wearable and fun. It combines casual fabrics such as stretch cotton and wool jersey, chosen for their wearability, and mesh, crystals and feathers to add glamour. Pieces are made in Melbourne individually for clients

Design Brief

The beauty of Edgeley design is that I control all aspects of the supply chain from initial concept through to customer engagement. This enables me to apply attention to detail to every aspect of my creation. The capsule collection titled PIZAZZ submitted to the Premiers Design Awards evolved with intense scrutiny and critical thinking applied to fabric choice, silhouette, trims and treatments, colour palette and most importantly the visual narrative and mood it evokes. With global experience in the design industry, I apply my depth of knowledge and experience across all design aspects and with an integral understanding of customer needs.

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Design Process

My process starts with illustration, the creation of a narrative and imagined character, this then evokes the process to source appropriate materials and features that capture the ethos of the collection. I develop the prototypes through high quality pattern engineering, close attention to superior fit and utilising my in-house studio, I sample each piece personally. This is a controlled and streamlined process, where as the designer I oversee every aspect of the collection creation. Unlike many other design houses who out-source pattern or sample making I create the total design.

This artisan and bespoke approach enables me to test, reflect and explore all aspects of the creation within my own studio. This holistic approach enables high-quality outcomes with a focus on a premium customer experience. I have extensive experience working as an independent designer in Australia and internationally. Hailing from a long line of tailors and dressmakers, fashion design is in my blood. I began my career as an apprentice costumier at age 16 and the rigours of theatrical costume form a backbone to my designs. In the UK I worked at the helm of the London based design studio for celebrated British fashion designer Christopher Kane.

This background of fusing costume and design innovation provides the foundation for understanding premium quality, exploratory practice and independent design thinking. Since establishing Edgeley the label in 2010 and opening my eponymous shop on Gertrude street in 2011 I have carved out a special space, contributing to Gertrude street being a destination for Victorian craftsmanship and artisan works. The PIZAZZ collection combines experimental aesthetics of a dressing up box, with attention to perfection across fit, wearability, comfort and most importantly the quest to evoke joy. Every stitch, every element has been considered to be professionally executed and finished.

Design Excellence

Edgeley designs are not trend based and do not abide by the fast fashion constructs of disposable fashion. Each piece is made with love and care. Created to be kept forever, they are special heirloom pieces, their longevity contributing to a sustainable ethos. I offer an alteration and repair service to all my customers – once purchased I provide the option for it to be altered as bodies change.

The ethos of Melbourne Fashion is shifting from black and sober. I have taken an active role in spearheading the drive for independent fashion in Melbourne to become more dynamic and playful. I actively collaborate with Melbourne creative artists and have been privileged to design unique pieces for some of our distinguished female performers and personalities including Vika and Linda Bull, Ella Hooper, Kate Ceberano and Melissa Leong. The current social climate provides the perfect moment to dress up again, building a sense of individuality and flying the cultural flag for Melbourne.

Design Innovation

This collection responds to the current social climate. My work has always been a celebration of the female form and provided women of all shapes and sizes to rejoice in their own shape. For this reason, the cat-suit has become my archetypal garment for which the Edgeley label is celebrated. Honing my skills over many years I have perfected the fit to embrace the female form, celebrating the curve and feminine body with respect.

This celebration of female combines with a response to the social climate brought on by two years of lockdown. Addressing the social malaise of COVID this collection breaks forth with dynamic energy, it is passionate, colourful and engaging .

Statement pieces for everyday! This is not about dressing up for special occasions but functional and comfortable pieces that should be worn to the supermarket. The pioneering paradigm behind this collection is that it breaks down the traditional constructs of what we wear when and how. This collection imbues vitality, vibrancy and pizazz not to be hidden away for after hours or red carpet but for every day, every moment wear. To evoke liberty and emancipation. This collection responds to ‘now’ and creates solutions to make women feel fabulous! Innovation and imagination merge with function to celebrate all things female.

Design Impact

The PIZAZZ collection is an extension of the Edgeley ethos and embraces a commitment that is socially relevant and responsible while being commercially viable. Because Edgeley pieces are designed and manufactured in-house, there is control over all manufacturing processes. Many of the materials are vintage and/or reclaimed, giving them a second life as part of creative and bespoke pieces. During the pattern engineering process, particular focus is given to reducing waste when cutting garments, and offcuts are used for trimmings and smaller accessories.

Collections are produced as samples with individual orders then taken after consultation with clients. This bespoke model dramatically reduces production of excess inventory, so no garments end up on sale racks or in landfill. At Edgeley I can respond to clients to create bespoke sizing for pieces that allows the brand to be both environmentally sustainable as well as commercially viable. The PIZAZZ collection responds to the post-lockdown landscape and the significant cultural shirt that evolved since the powerful #MeToo movement arose.

In working with each of my clients to assess their fit needs and create a custom-fitted piece, this gives me the opportunity to create a garment that they have a personal relationship with, and that celebrates their individuality. In its own unique way, Edgeley is a form of fashion therapy, helping women to celebrate their unique bodies and feel fierce and proud no matter what shape they are. There is a resurgence in local fashion design with a focus on uniqueness, quality and personalised creation, and I am passionate about bringing those qualities to Melbourne’s independent fashion scene. Along with my peers in the FashLab community, I want Melbourne and Victorian design to be known as bespoke, individual and high quality.

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