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Davidson Branding / Beulah

A live ‘lab’ experimenting the future of physical space in an immersive, curated events program.

BETA is the events brand of the revolutionary development, STH BNK By Beulah. Taking form as a stunning twin tower showcasing Australia’s highest sky garden, the $2 billion development is set to transform the Southbank precinct into a visionary mini-metropolis. BETA was created to serve as a ‘think tank’ for the development. A ‘lab’ for the live experimentation of physical space through a curated events program delivering unparalleled experiences across the arts and culture, retail, food, technology, health and wellness and sustainability. Davidson was involved in the digital strategy, naming and design of the events brand.

Design Brief:

In the first phase of bringing the STH BNK by Beulah project to life, an events brand was created to serve as a ‘lab’ for the live experimentation of the future of physical space. Davidson was tasked with creating the digital strategy, name and identity of the events brand. The design should be futuristic and innovative, supporting the experimental nature of the events intended to engage various industries with the exciting future development of the precinct.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Davidson worked collaboratively with Beulah to develop the BETA brand. With a strategy in place, the first step was developing a name that embodies the futuristic nature of the brand at its core. An initial naming brainstorming session was conducted before undertaking a name creation process that was experimental in itself; we looked at neologisms, hybrid words and acronyms to create a truly unique name. Inspired by the language of science, the name ‘BETA’ was selected. ‘BETA’ references the ‘beta testing’ in the laboratory and is also an acronym for ‘Beulah Experimental Testing Area’. The name is futuristic, technological and experimental, fitting for a ‘think tank’ where future ideas and concepts can be tested and explored. The name set the perfect tone leading into the design of the brand.

Davidson ran a semiotics session together with the Beulah team that explored global benchmarks across a diverse range of industries. Pulling visual cues from the arts and culture, technology and science, and sustainability and the environment, we distilled key creative territories that provided inspiration to the design direction of the concepts.

Design Excellence

Davidson delivered a brand identity system that is experimental in aesthetic and in application. A deliberate choice of a fluorescent yellow is unexpected, energetic and futuristic. The brand mark has the word ‘BETA’ arranged in a 2×2 grid. In this arrangement, the uniquely crafted letterforms create a negative space square that represents the testing area. In application, it becomes a frame layered with content, ideas and curated imagery inspired by the arts. It is a fluid design system, expanding and contracting in animation to reflect the ever-evolving nature of BETA. A system where the experience of the brand itself is experimental like the BETA events hosted.

Design Innovation

The BETA brand redefines the parameters of what an identity system should be and how it should visually capture a business. Beyond the traditions of a static mark, BETA comes to life as a moving, flexible system that continually adapts and changes, providing room for the brand to grow as BETA evolves with its experiments. The identity is combined with imagery, text and colour in experimental layouts that make it a truly versatile system. This harnesses the synergy between the physical experiences and the brand experiences, forming a unified identity of the BETA brand across every touchpoint.

Design Impact

When the BETA name and brand launched at the temporary site at Hanover House in May 2021, it received high praise and created intrigue for the events to come. The brand launched with an unmissable immersive dining experience called ‘Higher Order’, featuring a tasting menu by Scott Pickett of Longrain, Matilda and Estelle. The unique culinary experience was featured in the likes of Broadsheet and was a sell-out success. Since its launch, BETA has partnered with leading consultancies across a diverse range of disciplines, including architecture, fashion, retail, digital and placemaking to host talk series, studio tours and galleries that push the boundaries of what future spaces can become. The BETA brand provides the forum for industry and the public to engage with experiences that open up a dialogue on the possibilities of what a space for living, working, playing and exploring could be. BETA continues to build a following of like-minded leaders that are all working towards defining a new benchmark for world-class, liveable city design.

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