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TernX Carry On

Tern-x / Tack Lee / Hoe Ping Lo / Tricycle Developments

TernX Carry On, a creation that is more than luggage - it’s a promise for a better, freer way to travel.

Traveling with toddlers can be stressful and exhausting. We have created the TernX Carry On, a carry-on suitcase that turns into a travel stroller. Have your belongings and your child safe by your side so you can enjoy convenient, easy, and stress-free family travel.

Hop on a bus, catch the train, jump in a taxi, sail away on a ship or fly to the other side of the world! The TernX Carry On is a true joy to ride and steer that takes up as little space as possible when stored away.

Design Brief

Rising awareness of family-friendly travel has increased the importance of travel luggage that can fulfill the needs of parents and caregivers.

Traveling with kids can be exhausting at times and those who say otherwise must be superhuman. We saw an opportunity to redefine family travel; solving real-life travel challenges by minimizing the struggles of stress, anxiety, and excess baggage.

Say goodbye to sore arms, backs and make the trip with minimal haste with the ultimate travel solution for parents that brings convenience and makes spending time together fun.

The TernX Carry On is a suitcase that turns into a travel stroller with an integrated detachable backpack. It’s been designed from the ground up with an impressive array of benefits for everyday use that makes it easy for families to live a dynamic lifestyle while staying connected. Safety must remain at the heart of what we do.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Designing a new product that hasn’t been seen on market was always going to be interesting, especially one that crosses over two big industries being Luggage & Stroller. Our mission here is to simplify family travel.

After a failed global search for a versatile product with the style, safety, and benefits that make it convenient for parents to travel with their little ones, the strategy began. The key was to design a product that was both stylish and functional for the modern family.

Design Excellence

A global shift to family travel is underway and TernX was founded to accelerate this shift by taking Australian innovation to the world. In our industry-leading product, we have infused the finest features from modern luggage with the safety standards, benefits, and flexibility of a stroller.

The product has been designed with simplicity, versatility, and style in mind. As a brand, we were also awarded the coveted Red Dot Concept Design Award in 2020.

Design Innovation

Rising awareness of family-friendly travel has increased the importance of travel luggage that can fulfill the needs of parents and caregivers. Traveling with toddlers can be stressful and exhausting.

Picture a nappy bag sling across the shoulder while lugging a bag or two, with toys wedge between your arm and body. It becomes an interesting shuffle. When toddlers refuse to walk, it gets heavy fast and it’s a full workout when you finally board and are seated.

Design Impact

At TernX we are creating world-leading Victorian innovation and we are on the verge of putting our first travel product on the global stage. Our vision is to simplify and revolutionize the way families travel by making it more convenient. Designed to make parents' lives that little bit easier with versatility and style, we strive to inspire a new generation of family travelers and enrich how they travel, live, and play.

We have engaged specialize experts in their particular industry to provide project input to design out waste and minimize materials. Designed with German polycarbonate, aerospace aluminium, and sustainable materials in mind we strive to minimise our carbon footprint. TernX Carry On is made to last. It has a hard shell, so it is easy to clean. It can also be useful and economical for the wider family.

On the commercial front, in 2019 the stroller market is valued at USD$3.068 billion with a growth forecast to $8 billion by 2025 driven by high birth rates in APAC and Middle Eastern Countries. In 2020 the global luggage market was valued at $16 Billion USD (drop from $22.8 billion USD in 2019 due to COVID) with projected growth at a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Less than 1% of the market is devoted to family-friendly travel bags.

TernX Carry On, a creation that is more than just luggage - it’s a promise for a better, freer way to travel.

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