Finalist 2021

Quad Lock Motorcycle Smartphone Mount

Quad Lock

Secure, convenient, and safe motorcycle smartphone mounting.

Quad Lock Motorcycle mounts provide the most secure, convenient, and safe way to mount your smartphone on your motorcycle.

Design Brief

Smartphones have become a fundamental part of modern life. We rely on them to provide us with communication, entertainment, navigation, and many other uses.

They have become our connection to the digital world. The challenge of this brief was to design a way of securely and safely mount a smartphone to a motorcycle that provided:

  1. Ability to attach to many different makes and models of motorcycles.
  2. Was quick and easy to attach and remove the smartphone.
  3. Be able to position the smartphone screen for optimal viewing.
  4. Protect the phone from high-frequency vibrations generated from the motorcycle engine
  5. Charge the smartphone wirelessly

To meet the brief the solution had to achieve the above in a robust and durable package that seamlessly blended into the varying aesthetics of the many different styles of motorcycles and could stand up to the harsh environmental conditions.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

To develop a great solution you first need to understand the problem. Extensive research was conducted to gather information on many different styles of motorbikes specifically around potential mounting areas, engine vibration levels, and visibility.

Hundreds of 3D Printed and CNC'd prototypes, we're produced and tested to gather feedback and improve the product at each design iteration. Realworld and lab testing was done to ensure the products would withstand the most extreme use cases.

Developing a vibration dampener that would protect the phone from high-frequency vibration while still providing a robust and secure mount was extremely challenging. Our team spent many hours in the lab running prototypes through hours of vibration testing to ensure the solution protected the smartphone.

Based on the market response the final product exceeded the design brief in all areas as it quickly became the top-selling product for Quad Lock and the market-leading smartphone mount for motorcycles.

Design Excellence

The project meets all the required functionality of the user and exceeds that of competing products in market.

Aesthetically it blends seamlessly into the motorcycle dash and looks at home on multiple different styles of motorbikes.

Quality is paramount in every Quad Lock product.

The materials and finishes used in this product were selected to provide the highest performance possible and the majority can be recycled.

From a safety perspective, the patented dual-stage locking mechanism which is used to attach the phone to the mount, is the most secure system on the market, ensuring that the rider's smartphone is always firmly attached and will not hinder the motorcycles controls or the safety of the rider.

Design Innovation

A motorcycle cockpit is not enclosed so you must deal with the elements: rain, wind, and sun.

On top of this, you have the many different styles and types of motorcycles you need to cater for.

And lastly, protection from high-frequency engine vibration. Apple has recently released a statement confirming that high-frequency vibration (as experienced on motorcycles) can damage the camera module.

This product has many industry-first innovations including:

  • A patented dual-stage mounting system that is the most secure on the market, even while wearing motorcycle gloves.
  • Weatherproof wireless charging designed specifically for use on a motorcycle.
  • Vibration dampening technology that is proven to protect smartphone camera damage from high-frequency engine vibration.

Design Impact

The Quad Lock motorcycle smartphone mount provides a safer way for motorcycle riders to utilize their smartphone when commuting around town or navigating the far corners of the globe.

Quad Lock mounting products have proven to be robust, reliable since they were first launched. Being a modular system, it allows for future product expansion and continued use as technology and user needs change and adapt.

Located in South Yarra, Quad Lock is a global leader in smartphone mounting. A great example of a local company with a global focus, 85% of revenue is from export markets. Quad Lock is showcasing Victorian design to a global audience.

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