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Outerspace Design Group Pty Ltd / Compumedics Limited

Okti is the world’s first fully mobile high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) system.

Okti is the world’s first fully mobile high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) system. Okti can be rapidly set up to comprehensively analyse brain conditions without patients being tethered to large diagnostic equipment confined within a single room.

Optimised for children, Okti provides crucial diagnosis of brain disorders that enable early and effective treatment.

Design Brief

Okti’s design needed to allow mobility, reduce fear, anxiety and discomfort in patients undergoing tests for conditions like epilepsy and sleep disorders.

A powerful battery, complex electronics and up to 74 connector wires needed to be housed in a small protective case that allows for fast setup and easy connection with accessories.

Three separate devices had to be effectively combined into one, to ensure a variety of different study types could be conducted.

Okti finally had to be fun for children and adults alike by developing personalised accessories including Okti plush toy, stylish backpacks and waist packs.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Okti has a subtle styling aesthetic strongly driven by function. The device's form is softened at the edges to allow for gentle contact with patients and easy interaction with clinicians. Soft textures, playful colour pallet and custom textiles used on the various components bring a sympathetic approach to the design of this unique medical device.

Special attention has been given to the interaction with children, with the goal of making the often stressful process of undergoing an EEG - fun. A custom character Okti the octopus was developed, complete with its own head bandage. Okti is on the journey with you.

Usability is at the heart of Okti's design. Every component has been designed in the context of a system - where each element seamlessly works with other elements of the product. Leveraging the patented electrode illumination feature enables clinicians to quickly place 74 electrodes into the sockets of the device in correct order.

Batteries are easily removed by releasing the spring loaded door which is also fully accessible when in the device's protective case. Interchangeable study modules utilise quick connectors that are easily swapped out by technicians with the removal of a single screw.

Okti is fully compliant with CE, Class IIb, FDA, IEC 60601 standards. Great effort was expended to research, specify, test and validate custom grades of polymer for the device, which must withstand hard impacts, chemical attack from hospital cleaning agents and meet stringent UL-94V2 fire resistance standards.

A lockable case protects against deliberate or accidental electrode removal by patients. Okti is sold to approved hospitals/clinicians and can only be operated by trained personnel.

Design Excellence

With layered flexible circuit boards, illuminated connectors, long lasting battery and the ability to connect interchangeable modules, Okti is an exceptionally powerful mobile device in an ultra-compact size (185x85x42mm, weight 640-790g).

Okti is housed in a protective shell that neatly zips into an ergonomically designed, stylish backpack and waistpack with custom printed textiles. Wires from the head are concealed in a soft fabric sleeve which reduces fear and stigma for patients whilst enabling them to freely move during diagnostic studies that can take more than a week.

Three interchangeable monitor modules offer 32, 64 and 128 channels for short and long term HD EEG studies. The Cyber-secure operating system has enterprise-class connectivity, Bluetooth-real time patient tracking with WiFi and ethernet connectivity. SD Card storage; 72 hrs of battery life in a single charge (hot swappable) and a lockable protective case protects against deliberate or accidental electrode removal.

A patented electrode illumination system enhances the speed of set-up. Backpacks and waistpacks are available in child and adult sizes with reusable and disposable versions (for clinical environments with strict infection control requirements)

Certifications: CE, Class IIb, FDA.

Design Innovation

Okti is the only ambulatory (wireless) high density EEG amplifier in the world (typically HD EEG studies are only performed on large static systems in hospital settings). Okti opens the door for cutting edge studies including neuro-cognitive research and stereotactic EEG, whilst giving patients the freedom to move and interact outside the confines of clinical settings.

This opens up exciting opportunities for profound insights and observations of people naturally going about their daily routines.

Importantly, Okti provides high resolution diagnosis in short time frames in a comfortable manner which has the potential to radically improve patient outcomes.

Design Impact

The power and flexibility of the Okti system enables patients, particularly young children, freedom of movement and dignity whilst vital diagnostic information is recorded.

By delivering high resolution EEG information to clinicians, Okti enables effective diagnosis of conditions such as epilepsy without the need for conventional drug based approaches. Okti’s flexible design also enables hospitals & clinics to reduce costs by offering a range of different study types on a single device without the need to purchase multiple large systems.

This flexibility allows more hospitals to own this cutting edge equipment that in turn allows clinicians to treat more patients effectively.

Okti combines three diagnostic modules into one and represents exceptional value for customers. The Okti platform enables future expansion with new modules and a range of well designed accessories. This provides significant incentive for customers to value and build upon their Okti assets.

Okti's industry leading HD EEG power and compact format has been developed in partnerships with well known medical institutions who have committed to buying Okti systems.

This solid foundation is sure to capture the attention of clinicians and researchers around the world who will be eager to employ Okti in their institutions.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

By combining three large diagnostic devices into one handheld device, Okti reduces the carbon footprint of production significantly.

One Okti is roughly half the volume of its predecessors which significantly reduces shipping costs.

Okti is a fully serviceable device that is engineered to withstand years of service in clinical environments.

The design is comprised of several sub assemblies all of which contain replaceable parts.

Packaging is composed of fully biodegradable materials, utilising compostable plastic bags and plain cardboard boxes.

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