Finalist 2021


Liam Johnston / Cecile Villien / NOERDEN / UCC Australia

Smart bottle with built-in UV sterilization, hydration reminders and a temperature range indicator for a healthier, more hydrated life.

LIZ is a new generation self-cleaning smart bottle with water sterilization & hydration reminders. It uses smart technology to create a safe and healthy hydration experience.

LIZ eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and harmful viruses from your bottle and water thanks to its built-in UV sterilization system.

Finally, LIZ reduces the use of single use plastic bottles thanks to its long-lasting materials and its practicality.

Design Brief

There are more than 1 million bacteria in a glass of water. Worse yet, most traditional bottles contain more germs than a dog toy! They’re difficult to clean and become smelly and dirty over time.

At NOERDEN, we wanted to design a smart bottle with a built-in sterilization system. With its UV-C light, LIZ will destroy 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria.

Our users are busy young professionals having or aspiring to an active healthy lifestyle. We wanted to create a smart bottle that they could take anywhere and that will help them keep healthy and environmentally friendly.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

After understanding the brief, we worked in focus groups to identify scenarios on staying hydrated with an active lifestyle, as our users do. We highlighted different issues such as burns from boiling beverages, or people simply waiting to be thirsty until drinking water (which is actually the first sign of dehydration).
We compared our observations with scientific studies to determine product features on top of the UV sterilization, to build a product with optionality.

These studies helped us to come up with a refined list of basic features to implement and to decide the features that would become strong assets in making LIZ different: UV-C bottle and water sterilisation, temperature check and hydration reminders.

In a second stage we highlighted ergonomic features that would shape our LIZ such as being able to fit in a standard cup holder, it shouldn’t leak, it should be sustainable whilst staying elegant and minimalistic, aligned with NOERDEN’s style.

Our industrial design team made several ergonomic propositions, while our IT team were developing the tech features that would fit into the lid and make our LIZ come alive.

After conducting a user test focus group, we selected the final proposal, mixing modernity and elegance with ergonomics. We also agreed on developing 2 sizes of LIZ to fit different use cases, such as parents ensuring their children drink safely.

Finally, we sourced the high-quality durable materials that would fit our eco- conscious users, but that would also guarantee the best temperature insulation for hot or cold beverages.

We ran firmware tests to refine the smart functions that our users had selected, and tested our UV-C light efficiency with certified laboratories to guarantee a safe product.

We launched LIZ through a crowdfunding campaign to help us finance the first batch, and it was a complete success!

Design Excellence

LIZ Smart Bottle is the smartest and most elegant hydration solution on the market so far.

It represents the perfect mix between long lasting materials, user-centred features, ergonomic shape and a modern overall look that are completely aligned with our user’s needs.

LIZ has been awarded by its community’s strong engagement and more than positive feedbacks and reviews, but also by different design awards acknowledging the strengths of this smart bottle.

LIZ Smart bottle was thought and designed for our users, including them in the process of creation and making them the first testers and ambassadors. This user-centred approach brought us to create a product that fits their daily habits while enhancing their mental and body health through hydration.

LIZ has been adopted and included in their routines with its sterilisation, temperature check and reminders making their experience seamless and straight forward without the hassles of useless or complicated features.

Design Innovation

Even a 2% drop in our hydration level can cause immediate physical tiredness and loss of concentration. A healthy adult requires 1.5-2L of water per day, but in fact 75% of people suffer from dehydration. Drink 4 entire LIZ bottles and get your daily water fix.

LIZ comes to life with its smart touch responsive lid. Every two hours, LIZ blinks to remind you to drink and keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for 12 to 24h.

Tap the lid twice to sterilize your bottle or water. The built-in UV-C light kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Tap it once to check the temperature range. With its anti-leak lid and light 316 stainless-steel body, LIZ is always ready to go. From the office to the gym, never worry about charging: the battery lasts up to 6 months with 1 UV sterilization per day.

Design Impact

LIZ is a smart, sustainable solution made of high-quality durable materials for eco-conscious consumers. Its stainless-steel bottle and BPA-free lid guarantee long-term usage. It meets the latest sustainable certifications such as the RoHS and CE for being heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly.

Vacuum insulated 316 stainless steel bottle inside, Tritan anti-leak lid, 12-24h Hot & Cold temperature insulation, rechargeable Lithium Battery w/ Magnetic USB Charging Cable, 6-month battery w/ 1 UV sterilization/day, standard cup holder size and dishwasher safe (hand-wash lid).

LIZ’s global aesthetic can’t be compared to traditional bottles or even other smart bottles existing on the market. Its elegant lines are made to bring our user’s hydration experience into the world of minimalism and technology.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

By definition, LIZ is reusable and long lasting due to its high-quality materials. LIZ encourages users to be eco-conscious as the bottle can be reused indefinitely, thus reducing plastic bottle consumption for the long term. Economically, users save money by reusing the bottle and not purchasing plastic bottles.

Furthermore, LIZ enables users to access clean water wherever they go thanks to its embedded UV-C technology that kills bacteria and germs.

LIZ is a smart, sustainable solution made of high-quality durable materials for conscious consumers. Its stainless-steel bottle and BPA-free lid guarantee long-term usage. It meets the latest sustainable certifications such as the RoHS and CE for being heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly.

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