Finalist 2021

KangaTech Injury Prevention Platform

Kangatech / Wongdoody

Kanga Tech, the worlds most advanced injury prevention platform.

Redefining the most advanced software analytics platform for the worlds elite athletes.

Developing a platform across desktop and mobile for both doctors, clinicians and patients that delivers audience specific data visually.

With the complexity of the information collected and displayed, we needed to collate this in a way practitioners could easily review and diagnose specific areas of injury, improvement and athlete specific focus areas, while for athletes keeping it visual to maximise engagement in a gamified experience.

Each audience is guided through valid and reliable testing protocols and educated as to their personal results.

Design Brief

We were approached to "completely re-design the existing platform from the ground up". Developing a new design system and data-visuals uncovered new ways to cross reference the data stream and increase the opportunities of the platform and patient.

Creating an easy to use cloud based platform for use on tablet and now with with our redesign, mobile. Information can be monitored and reviewed globally. Enabling player data to be reviewed and monitored remotely has advanced training sessions, while reducing physical interaction during the global pandemic.

The new platform is now trusted and used by Premier League, NBA, NFL and AFL teams.

With the new experience and redesigned software, they have gone from strength to strength, partnering with some of the biggest sporting bodies like the Golden State Warriors, Red Bull and La Liga clubs globally. Winning a Good Design Award for Design and Advanced Sports Injury and Prevention Management Platform.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The process taken to get to a deliverable was purely based on testing a proof of concept with each key audience, allowing us to have athletes as well as medical professionals test this working prototype to ensure our design thinking and implementation was heading in the right direction.

Prior to designing the prototype, we had the opportunity to conduct user interviews with medical professionals around the world, gaining an in-depth understanding of their expectations, and how they wanted the product to operate and present data based on each sport and practice.

With both staff and athletes, we were able to uncover key information specific to the audience needs. Delivering a platform designed to put the people first, and displaying key data and information in an easy to digest GUI.

Factoring in the both service design and customer experience before the interface design created a deeper understanding of how the product would be used in a physical environment and enabled us to create a platform far more intuitive and easy to use.

Design Excellence

Product design is very different environment to develop, customer experience and various touch points have to be considered with a laser sharp lens. This particular product is far more complicated then your usually medical or fitness related product, and still need to be intuitive to understand and use.

It's designed and built for a select user group with specific needs and requirements. As this is one of a kind product, and world first we had to ensure the information extracted from stakeholders were based on interim and future scalability requirements.

Design Innovation

Given that this product was a world first and a on of a kind, the problems faced and eventually solved were truly ground breaking.

Taking the journey with Kanga Tech all the way through to the end solutions designs was pivotal and of great importance, this allowed us the agility and flexibility needed to alter our design as we're presented with new findings.

Design Impact

The design soultion delivered went beyond the MVP deliverable. We were able to develop a roadmap for the client's developers to use and build on, via our tailored design metholdogies.

The system is a tool that gives an efficient and accurate way to assess athletes’ status of muscle activation & muscle balance never before possible.

These assessments gives a clean and objective data that enables athletes, trains, clinicians and doctors the opportunity to create bespoke suggestion and support interventions in athletes preparation regimens and address the athletes’ needs to a higher level.

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