Finalist 2021

July Carry On Light


Meet the lightest double wheel carry-on luggage in the world, by July. 1.8 kilograms means breaking barriers around lightweight design.

We created the lightest double-wheel carry-on luggage in the world at 1.8 kilograms. The Carry On Light, by July, was born from the idea that people want to maximise their travel, so make something that’s light to lift, light to pack, and light to roll.

Travel lighter without the compromise; sturdy double-wheels, proper handles with beautiful form, strength, and colours. Global design innovation, designed right here in Melbourne.

Design Brief

Weight is often a burden throughout the travel experience. Too heavy and you are charged more, and also more difficult to lift above you and carry.

Many international brands have attempted this, but quite simply when they made things lighter they tended to remove things.

We wanted to create a full-featured carry-on case that was the lightest it could possibly be.

This meant that we needed to have 360 spinner double wheels. It needed to have a twin telescopic handle. And it needed to be a polycarbonate hardshell for protection.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Having researched and reviewed several competitors, we were able to identify the key components that were often compromised on; poorly considered features and aesthetics, unergonomic handlebars, and cheap wheels.

We conducted a thorough UX research exercise (during lockdown, no less!) that determined the top features people wanted in a light suitcase, and the pain points they wanted to be resolved. That informed the components that needed to be featured in the brief.

From there we began sketching and 3D designing the possibilities of redesigning the shell, wheels, and handles to be extremely light, but maintain their rigidity and strength.

The next stage was to prototype in 3D before sending it to the factory. With our prior experience designing suitcases, we had the foundations to prototype and work with familiar materials that we knew would answer the brief.

Utilising aerospace-grade polycarbonate was an obvious choice due to its strength, flexibility, and weight.

The wheels were the final part of the suitcase we focused on, most lightweight suitcases used only two standard wheels requiring you to tip the suitcase over when you needed to use the wheels with very limited mobility. This led us to design our own custom double spinner wheels that can be used without the need to tip over the suitcase to use its wheels.

Thanks to the research, sketching, and 3D prototyping processes, the end result was a beautifully designed lightweight hardshell, double-wheeled carry-on suitcase with intuitive components and considered ergonomic features, weighing less than 2 kilograms.

Design Excellence

The Carry On Light excels in the simplicity and intuitiveness of its design with 95% of the suitcase being custom-made with premium materials.

The brief was to make the lightest suitcase in the world without feature compromise, and that’s exactly what we achieved.

Integrated components, such as our wheels and telescopic handle seamlessly follow the form with clean lines and soft edges. Reputable YKK zips and TSA locks further add another layer of protection to prevent theft and unintentional use. Nine signature colour options with colour matched hinges and trimmings challenge the traditional dark, monotonous aesthetics of existing luggage designs.

Four double wheels that help you manoeuvre in any angle or space, experience an easier and smoother glide wherever you travel. This also prevents the chances of the suitcase from tipping over. Made from a custom durable rubber, the SilentMove Series 2 was designed to last with no shortcuts in quality.

Instead of the standard T-bar handle on lightweight carry-ons, our Carry On Light has a twin-bar telescopic handle in a more ergonomic user experience. Twin-bar handles provide a more natural hand grip and allow a second cabin bag to be attached on top of your carry-on suitcase.

The design is fit for its intended purpose: be extremely light, ensure double wheels for functionality and stability, look aesthetically beautiful as an extension of one’s travel self.

The benchmark has been set, July from Melbourne has innovated on a global stage and challenged the throne of the luggage incumbents.

Design Innovation

To be innovative we literally had to reinvent the wheel. Take out anything unnecessary and draw inspiration from the bicycle and its spokes - a lightweight moving vehicle that is ultra-strong and stable.

The most innovative features are the custom-designed SilentMove Series 2 wheels, the successor to our first SilentMove spinner wheels. Smaller and lighter without losing out on durability, they offer its user a more controlled and stable glide with 70% less weight than the original.

What makes the Carry On Light unique is our soft and rounded approach to the form which allows us to build resistance in the strength of the shell while maintaining a thinner shell thickness without compromising on durability.

The eggshell design of the aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell prevents crumpling of the suitcase during impact and protects the user’s precious belongings packed inside.

Design Impact

We are giving people of all economic situations the opportunity to own luggage that lasts. Commercially our direct-to-consumer model means a stronger, better product, at better prices.

The Carry On Light has many positive impacts from several perspectives. The design makes a social impact, as ergonomics often gets compromised when designing light, we’ve taken no cuts around the usability and functionality of the suitcase. By exploring all possibilities in materials, we’ve designed the lightest and strongest polycarbonate hardshell. Still remaining durable while at its thinnest.

A lighter double wheel to allow a more stable and enjoyable controlled glide. Manoeuvre and move in any angle and or terrain without the suitcase tipping over. Telescopic twin-bar handles over T-bar handles enables the ability to attach an additional bag on top of the suitcase and is more ergonomic to use with a more natural hand grip.

Being environmentally conscious is in the ethos of July, implementing a repair first, replace second process. Where within our lifetime warranty, we would take back any product with a manufacturing fault and assess if we’re able to repair the faults first before considering replacing it completely.

Our mission was ultimately to create exceptionally considered luggage and travel accessories that allowed everyone to essentially focus on the parts of the travel they love, being the entire journey from departure to destination.

We love the fact that we’re a Melbourne-operated and owned company, where we’re able to reach the world on a global scale through our beautifully designed products, right from our Collingwood HQ. Design has allowed us to continuously contribute and build on Victoria’s design and creative culture.

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