Finalist 2021

Evo Tablet Platform

Bosstab / Whistle Design Group

A universal mounting system allowing businesses to securely display and affix tablets to countertops, desktops and walls.

With tablets now a near-essential fixture in retail, hospitality, government and educational settings, the Evo Tablet system offers thoroughly modern and unobtrusive solutions for mounting the devices while protecting them from the wear and tear of everyday use commercial environments.

This ground-up development sought to expand and improve on the clients existing product range, catering to existing tablets as well as future-release products. The universally suitable system including custom lock mechanism, internal cable management, flexible tilt and swivel functionality, and a variety of stand and base options, making it totally customisable for different applications.

Design Brief

Long before COVID-19, the world was already embracing e-commerce, contactless service and the professional, streamlined look of mobile tablets in commercial settings. Tablet mounting also offered businesses an affordable and space-saving alternative to bulky and largely immobile traditional point of sale (POS) systems.

The increasingly common use of tablets called for an innovative, durable and high-security design solution that would address the concern of theft, as well as withstand the rigors of daily use in fast-paced environments – all whilst retaining a sleek and stylish appearance that would be as well-suited to a high street café as much as a corporate boardroom.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

Development began with a thorough market review to help identify areas for improvement and opportunities for development. We undertook trend research and compiled visual theme boards to help frame three aesthetics for further exploration.

Following this, we began to build the Product Design Specification (PDS), listing out all function and technical requirements of the project, before moving to an ideation stage, where we began to explore overall form and aesthetic, mechanical hinge implementation concepts, tablet mounting concepts and other system versatility. Using a weighted criteria matrix, we evaluated the ideas and narrowed down to three family designs for full conceptual development.

Key to developing such an innovative system was constant prototyping and improvement. Having real, tangible, analogue prototypes in hand to make tactile evaluations and test function is still such an important part of the process in our digital world. The three main reasons for prototyping from very early in the development process include:

Functional Testing
Ensuring the system and parts did what we wanted them to do.

User & Ergonomic Testing
Ensuring the system is comfortable and easy to use, identifying usability issues or areas for improvement.

System & Assembly Testing
Ensuring that components can be assembly assembled, either at factory level or by the end user as required. This type of testing often yields development of special assembly tools where required to achieve assembly of custom parts.

To bring the project to life, we engineered the system completely from the ground up to achieve the strength, aesthetic and simplicity of the concept. We use our ‘Design Loop’ methodology, a looping system of Design, Build, Test and Evaluate to address the unknowns and find the most robust solutions.

Design Excellence

The Evo Tablet Platform has been thoughtfully designed to offer a simple, fully customisable, fit-for-purpose product.

While functional, the existing tablet mounting solutions were cumbersome and lacked versatility. Our design freshened the appearance, reducing unnecessary material weight and optimising user experience though:

  • A holistic, high-quality design centred solely around simplicity of setup and ease of use. This enables the user or business to take control of the tablet’s application and installation, reducing reliance on third party providers and technicians.
  • Investment in tooling and production of aluminium main structures resulting in strong, secure and sturdy materiality that protects against damage, without compromising on a clean and minimal look or impeding the use or mobility of the tablet when required.
  • A modern aesthetic, in simple black or white powder-coated finish which complements a range of settings and doesn't detract from the user experience with the tablet.

Design Innovation

Custom hinge design
We developed a custom, slimline, multiaxial hinge providing 90 degree rotation and 40 degree tilt. This ensures flexibility of the tablet from portrait to landscape orientation, and functionality of the device whether used on a desktop, counter or mounted to a wall. The Tilt Position Lock allows orientation to be easily secured in place if required, or remain flexible, such as required for customer facing POS.

Cable management
The discreet internal cable management allows cords to feed through the mounting or wall surface, allowing the tablet to seamlessly shine while still maintaining high security installation.

Multiple display options
The ‘Elite’ display options provides a maximum security option, with a high strength, lockable metal faceplate secured with a barrel key and 4-point lock - while the ‘Touch’ stand offers a truly universal, minimal solution, suiting any tablet with a flat rear surface, and cleanly showcasing the device, exactly as it was designed.

Multiple base options
Businesses can choose freestanding bases with anti-slip rubberised padding for a mobile option, or adhesive and screw mounting options for more robust, medium to high security applications.

Multiple stand options
Customisation also extends to the product stand, with the shorter ‘Nexus’ stand measuring just 80mm, ideal for use at a desk, while the 200mm ‘Evo’ is best suited to countertops and self-service, kiosk applications.

Design Impact

The Evo Tablet Platform offers a straightforward, easy-to-use system that prioritises versatility and customisation, fulfilling the needs of a variety of different users and businesses.

The business saw a 40% growth with the introduction of this new range, while also reducing their manufacturing lead time by 30%. The new range of premium tablet stands also sparked interest and partnerships with global POS companies.

With an international market, Bosstab’s Evo Tablet Platform boasts the benefits of Australian engineered and made products globally, as well as the long-term cost benefit to businesses of high-quality, professional design.

The company also strives to ensure all product packaging is as low waste as possible. The current packaging is 100% recyclable with plans in place to move to 100% biodegradable packaging in the near future.

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