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Dentismile Australia Pty Ltd / Charlwood Design / Floating Books / R-Co

:Dsmile is a sustainable 3-month subscription-based, at-home professional daily dental care kit, eliminating single use components and is refillable.

:Dsmile is a sustainable 3 monthly subscription–based, at–home, professional daily dental health kit. The kit includes eco-friendly toothbrush, mouthwash and floss pack which are elegantly presented on a tray, designed to elevate daily routine into a ritual, as simple as 1,2,3.

By including everything you need to complete the simple process of ‘brush twice a day, floss and rinse each day’, the :Dsmile kit will enhance your oral hygiene significantly.

The items are beautifully designed for frictionless and enjoyable use and made in Australia.
The Brush, Floss and Mouthwash are all refillable, delivered to a customer’s door.

Design Brief

We all know we are meant to brush twice a day, floss and do a mouthwash rinse for dental health, so why do most people not do it?

The brief was for a simple 3-step process for home oral hygiene, to professional standards.

When dental health routines are done correctly - such as brushing twice daily for certain minimum times, flossing and mouthwash rinses - you should have minimal decay issues.

The :Dsmile products were required to be simply and beautifully designed with convenience for end users and sustainability at the heart of the kit.

The solution offers the consumer the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint compared to traditional offerings with all the ease of a tri-monthly service.

The dentist-approved design is also accompanied by a free, live online dental support with qualified dentists at

The aim is to locally manufacture as much as possible.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

:Dsmile aims to change the way people look after their teeth day to day, away from the dentist.

The design solution was developed by the Charlwood Design team, who undertook a rigorous process of researching user needs and empathy mapping them, developing service delivery scenarios and concept designs of the proposed solutions.

We designed the toothbrush, so it is entirely modular to enable monthly refills to be swapped in, delivered directly to the end user. The accompanying mouthwash and floss packs are elegantly presented on a tray alongside the toothbrush, to elevate daily routine into a ritual.

Different user profiles and groupings were reviewed, from singles, couples and families, to appropriately integrate the kit into different home settings and meet the varied dental needs of each consumer type.

All components were prototyped iteratively and then user testing was undertaken, with feedback refining the design. This includes a 1,000-person clinical trial which is still ongoing to ensure long term effectiveness.

The designs are locally manufactured (only toothbrush head is produced offshore), so we carefully considered which locally available processes that would meet and exceed consumer needs, quality standards and sustainability.

At all stages the environmental impact of the :Dsmile kit was considered, with the design and materials adapted to meet sustainable outcomes. For example, the kit has modular elements made out of compostable material to enable refills and easy, green disposal.

The brief for convenience and professional dental at-home care has been exceeded through the iterative research and development we undertook. The end product goes beyond aesthetic and functional design. The :Dsmile products are focussed on modifying consumer behaviour for the better. They are easy to use and beautifully designed to bring enjoyment to consumers, with the :Dsmile kit acting as a visual cue to inspire people to ritualise dental self-care.

Design Excellence

:Dsmile makes a chore an easy habit by using great design.

In March 2021, the FDI World Dental Federation released a report highlighting how oral conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and oral cancer are the most widespread, noncommunicable diseases worldwide - impacting 3.5 billion people - and have severe and significant health, societal, and economic impacts.

On average, Australians aged 15 and over have 11.2 decayed or filled teeth. In 2017-18, about 72,000 hospitalisations for dental conditions may have been prevented with earlier treatment. In 2014 -15, about 1 in 2 Australians had seen a dentist or dental professional in the last 12 months.

We aim to change the way people look after their teeth day to day, away from the dentist. We transform an everyday routine into a ritual by providing an elevated experience. A :Dsmile kit is delivered to every subscriber’s door nestled in fully recyclable packaging. Once open, the kit of toothpaste, brush, mouthwash and floss is ready for use and elegant display in your bathroom.

Every three months, re-fills arrive. Professional dental care just like your dentist is now easy at home.

We reduce the users Carbon footprint by only send them essential components every 3 months, a brush head, mouthwash concentrate, toothpaste and the floss without over packaging. The user then refills their long-life high-quality reusable containers. No shipping liquid around.

This is a beautiful and simple solution to an issue everyone has. The classic “less is more” approach in design and material use contrasts with the global industry of over styled and branded product that complicates this simple everyday hygienic task. No over-moulding and loud colours.

Design Innovation

The more people who clean their teeth correctly the better their oral health.

It seems a simple idea, by just placing the tools on a platter and delivering the mouthwash as a concentrate, means it is always there and you are not picking up litres of liquid every week.

Your refills arrive every 3 months, less hassle, less waste.

No shipping premixed mouthwash of disposable toothbrushes and floss housings.

All the items are of a high quality and durable with timeless aesthetics this creates a product that the user values and will not simply discard it on a whim. They have a long-life span and can be fully recycled if required.

All items as made of single material (with exception of the brush head which use PLA and Nylon bristles)

Design Impact

Health Impact
Australians aged 15 and over have an average of 12.8 decayed or filled teeth. In 2016-17 about 70,000 hospitalisations for dental conditions may have been prevented with earlier treatment.
We are not selling consumables, it is about better oral health for the consumer, this is currently being confirmed with 1000-person clinical trial.

Environmental Impact
In comparison to other retail dental care, :Dsmile uses minimal resources by virtue of its thoughtful design. Every 3 months:

  • The 20ml mouthwash concentrate replaces 3,600ml of premixed mouthwash (the equivalent of 7.2 bottles). The consumer just adds water.
  • The 50m floss reel replaces 2 x 25m disposable retail packs, with a high-quality refillable housing instead of single use retail packaging.
  • The toothpaste tube contains 120ml paste housed in up to 90% recycled PE tube and the cap is reusable. This replaces 3 retail tubes of toothpaste which are ordinarily packaged in laminated aluminium/polymer composite tubes which are unrecyclable. The :Dsmile tube has a 5mm hole instead of the ordinary retail 9mm, which gives the correct amount and is more efficient resource use (of 0.3g not 1.5g), 1/5 less toothpaste used.
  • The replaceable (through modular design) toothbrush heads are compostable (PLA), The high-quality single material handle is reused. In contrast to 5g of material, retail toothbrushes have 15g over-moulded unrecyclable material.
  • The packaging for consumers is entirely recyclable cardboard and paper, including for the tri-monthly subscription.

Social Impact
The starter kits and refills are designed to be easily assembled by the social enterprise Brite, who do all the 3PL. This empowers people with varying abilities by providing an employment pathway.

Commercial Impact
Initial production has started at significant volume and is expected to grow dramatically once the clinical trials are completed showing the real benefit to the end consumer.

Circular Design and Sustainability Features

The design process described ensures sustainability of packaging, materials, efficient resource use and recyclable end-of life disposal.

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