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SheSaw: We're putting women on the map

Mo Works / SheSaw

SheSaw: What started as physical tours is now a mobile app and initiative of education, positivity and women empowerment.

Women's stories throughout history are often missing from tours, travel guides and history books. SheSaw exists to tell these untold stories and make it simple for anyone to learn about them. What started as physical tours, SheSaw is now a mobile app and initiative of education, positivity and women empowerment.

Design Brief

The challenge was digitally transforming and rebranding a traditional physical tour business to include a mobile app with innovative technology showing women history makers through augmented reality pins all over the world. What was previously a dull, visually unappealing brand is now a fresh, eye-catching design and complete brand with the ability to evoke excitement and emotion. We digitally transformed SheSaw as a business to be innovative and scalable with a complete brand, website and app with a great user experience - able to create awareness of female history makers and empower women and close the gender gap.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The design process for SheSaw included transforming real-life experience into a rich and sensory virtual experience through app design. The design process revolved around creating a final result that was scalable, evocative and visually exciting. The professional execution and key features of SheSaw include the 3D characters and UI & UX design of the app. Our talented app developers incorporated the user-centric design into an app that is both functional and visually appealing. Through the AR app, SheSaw is now able to give women public recognition. As you walk, AR icons appear to let you know you are walking in the footsteps of a woman who deserves to be remembered and the app will tell you her story. Additionally, the design team developed a design-rich website that represents what the business is about. The website allows users to get a look and feel of the app and encourages people to learn more about women history makers. The proficiency of our app developers created a multi-sensory SheSaw platform that comes to life, intersecting user’s physical and virtual world experiences.

Design Excellence

The design for SheSaw is fundamentally one that pivots on the user experience, with all design deliverables tailored to the enjoyment, functionality, quality and richness of the interface design and customer experience. Our design team transformed the app into a fresh, eye-catching and interactive platform, which not only utilised sophisticated 3D characters and UI & UX design techniques, but ensured a functional and easy to use interface. Similarly, the website was transformed to resemble the app design, encouraging viewers to get a feel of the app and precipitate consumer education and therefore empowerment. Overall, the modern and dynamic design fosters a virtual experience rooted in the user's physical world, aiding a seamless intersection between the two realities.

Design Innovation

The key problem which SheSaw asked us to overcome was to captivatingly rebrand their traditional physical tour business into an equally appealing digital app service for their customers. We needed to utilise design to create augmented reality pins which would inform users of the historical female figures from across the globe. Our innovative resolution to this challenge is demonstrated in the implementation of three-dimensional design, which goes above and beyond to bring the app and the stories to life for the user. Similarly, the app offers SheSaw a unique platform to engage with multiple potential users, continue to expand, adapt and evolve while keeping their core mission alive. Their desire to empower women, to make history a more gender inclusive space is aided by our design that can be used by anyone, anywhere from the convenience and privacy of their own device. Our user-centred design satisfies user’s needs for convenience, aesthetic appeal and information in a way that caters to their unique circumstances.

Design Impact

The result of our design for SheSaw was a modern and dynamic app with a beautiful interface and world-class functionality. SheSaw provides a simple and immersive experience for users to learn about female history makers and contribute stories. The concept of being an app is not limited by geography or demographic; it can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. Countries around the world can also benefit from the SheSaw app in changing people’s attitude and perception of women empowerment. Our design team helped SheSaw achieve their goals, creating a final product that creates positive social change and fosters equality and enlightenment.

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