Finalist 2021


GetMee / Education Centre of Australia - Loren Dsouza / Deakin University - Professor Pubudu Pathirana / Ally Kim - Beta Customer / Anjali Kushwah - Experience Designer / Mary-Anne Quezel - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach / Suzanne Northey - Behavioral Therapist and Psychologist

GetMee is the world’s first communication and soft skills coach powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

GetMee democratises the $33.9B soft skills market by giving users access to an AI-powered communication pocket-coach. GetMee is designed to revolutionise the sector by allowing individuals, communities and businesses to benefit from the world's first personalised digital coaching product.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for affordable and accessible communication training and coaching for all. Thus far, this is out of reach for the great majority.

Leveraging AI, GetMee objectively assesses, measures, and enhances communication and other personal skills. Live reports provide immediate coaching notifications via the app, supported by a digital interactive platform of coaching experts.

Design Brief

Unengaged employees, unsuccessful projects, misunderstandings, frustration, and negative environments are often the byproduct of poor communication skills.

GetMee's self-learning, AI-powered product gives its users the tools to become better communicators and better versions of themselves, so the organisations they work for and communities they are in, can thrive.

Assessment of the market, the user surveys and interviews, and R&D paved the way towards an MVP in 18 months. The MVP had core features and functionalities tailored towards the GetMee objective. The MVP of the product is in a pilot program with 1500 students from our partner Education Centre of Australia.

GetMee was fully released to the market at the end of September to an incredible customer review. GetMee attracted over 220 investors to the Birchal Crowdfunding platform for its funding round with the highest conversion rate ever seen by the platform at over 6%.

This project was developed by:

  • GetMee
  • Education Centre of Australia - Loren Dsouza
  • Deakin University - Professor Pubudu Pathirana
  • Ally Kim - Beta Customer
  • Anjali Kushwah - Experience Designer
  • Mary-Anne Quezel - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Suzanne Northey - Behavioral Therapist and Psychologist

Design Process

The digital design of the app and the related backend systems has gone through several iterations of prototyping. The R&D and engineering team started with a wireframe that provided the overall design and highlighted key functionalities.

Subsequently, once the design ideas were formalized and documented, the ideas were tested and validated with the early adopter customers. The designs were then professionally built into an interactive prototype using invision application.

The design team has exceeded the expectation and objectives of the company which was established by the stakeholders, R&D experts, engineering team, and the early adopter customer feedbacks.

While creating the brand and the user experience of GetMee, we carefully considered the ambitions and market strategy of the organisation. GetMee had to be professional, cutting-edge, energetic and transformational. The words that underpin everything we do and outline our brand feel are innovative, bold, and sleek.

The feedback on the design was extremely positive allowing the company to move forward with the development of the app functionality and the design quickly.

The feedback mechanism included processes to capture objective feedback on features and effects of the design on the overall personal skills improvement.

Design Excellence

Traditionally, personal skills improvement in Victoria and around the world has been limited to engaging with a human coach. The coaches are often expensive and the customers don't have constant access to them. This has limited the skills coaching to people with financial resources to work with a coach.

The GetMee application powered by Advanced AI reimagines the way people develop soft skills using a human-centric design to connect with the customer as a human coach would.

The GetMee team started the design with market analysis including sizing, competition, and solution appetite using qualitative and quantitative methods. To make the AI coach, work seamlessly and build trust with the customer, the design team had to consider the user experience holistically. Presenting the deeply technical product to the customer through innovative ways by deploying a fit-for-purpose design was key to the successful delivery of the GetMee product.

The project has created a secure and private self-learning AI that monitors the customer’s communication patterns along with the expression of emotions using a variety of AI technologies. The AI and the learning rules, over time, are able to reliably understand the user’s communication habits and emotional intelligence.

Design Innovation

Our R&D team consisting of social scientists, psychologists and personal development experts via drawing from their field have created our own ground-breaking methodological framework (PCIM) that is able to assess communication and other soft skills. Ther is not anything like GetMee currently in the market and it is the world's first innovation supported by patent-pending algorithms and processes.

The method is able to understand the distinct and nuanced idiosyncrasies and discrepancies of human communication. It allows individuals to know their communicative and soft skills blindspots and to correct them accordingly. This is all done objectively and through a variety of means i.e. live feedback, a notification system put together by communication coaches, psychologists, and sociologists and a digital platform.

The digital platform is the world's first for communication and soft-skills. Already it is a space and domain where key specialists, experts and world-renowned coaches come together to create content and engage with each other, enterprises and the public. This all-around end-to-end system is truly going to change the sector in Victoria, Australia and the World.

The GetMee product places customers at the heart of great technological innovation and product design. By simplifying and incorporating customer engagement throughout the product GetMee takes the customer on a journey of Artificial Intelligence experiences.

Design Impact

The GetMee product and design have received extremely positive reviews from our beta customers and the large student population from the Eduction Centre of Australia.

What our customers are saying:

1) Ally Kim - Project Manager
GetMee Helps me articulate my ideas clearly:
"I greatly benefit from using GetMee. It helps me communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly to my team at work. Practicing with the AI coach is easy and fun"

2) Nova Moulana
Business Manager
"My experience with GetMee is great. I have been learning from it since the early beta version. The most enjoyable part of the app is how it lets me read and gives me feedback on my skills"

With hundreds of thousands of assessments already done for students and customers, GetMee has embodied positive good design-first. approach to product design

GetMee AI operates via a ground-breaking framework that combines psychological, philosophical, philological, and sociological methods. GetMee AI Pocket-coach develops the capability and capacity of community members. Via tracking, collating, processing and measuring student and classroom data, it optimises, fast tracks and revolutionises communication and soft skills as we have never seen before.

1. In a fluid and dynamic post-pandemic world individuals need support and coaching more than ever, especially in the communication and soft skills. GetMee is able to:
-To help individuals to be self-reflective and re-orient their dispositions, habits and manners of thinking and communicating.
-To persistently acquire new skills and qualifications.
-Aid individuals be more cohesive and empathetic members in their community and workplace.

2. Government: Allow for better coordination, cooperation and connection between different government branches, society and industry sector. It helps train and manage staff in a more coherent and systematic way.

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