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Building a more supportive and inclusive fertility experience with Monash IVF

Today / Monash IVF Group Limited

A reimagined website for Australia’s oldest fertility provider, Monash IVF. Together we built a supportive, user-centered journey.

Monash IVF is Australia's oldest IVF provider, achieving the world’s first IVF pregnancy in 1973. Having recently completed a bold rebrand, Monash IVF needed their digital experience to start to embody this brave and inclusive new positioning. Together, we reimagined their website as the first step in what is a long and emotional fertility journey for many people.

Design Brief

Having recently completed a bold rebrand, Monash IVF needed their digital experience to embody their brave and inclusive new positioning. We worked together to reimagine their website as the first step in what is a long and emotional fertility journey for many people.

Our aim was to help de-stigmatise fertility issues and assisted conception. Supporting people who are struggling to have a baby with the sort of information that acknowledges their journey, and helps them decide on their next steps.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

The following list makes the process seem linear, but really the timeline was such that research, design and technical foundations all started concurrently and continuously informed each other for the duration of the project.

1. Discovery
There were multiple discovery workshops with many Monash IVF team members from various parts of the organisation including Fertility Doctors, Nurses and Marketing experts. Our main goal was to collaborate on a vision for their new digital product and identify known issues and opportunities.

2. Structure and Information Architecture
We moved quickly into prototyping and tree testing to understand how to create a structure that supported more users and met them where they were at on their journey as much as possible. We completed tree testing of potential IA variants and the findings informed the wireframes and designs to take into testing. We synthesised previous patient experience research into potential customer journeys to understand service pathways and what patients and potential patients needed from the digital experience, and when.

3. Testing and content
User testing revealed that the journey focused structure could be isolating to some patients and potential patients and also that it sometimes didn't support users in a task-oriented mindset e.g. "I want to find out how much IVF costs".
Throughout this we were working closely with Monash IVF to rework their content so that it was more warm, realistic, easy to understand and acknowledged that people could be jaded and distressed after failed fertility treatment attempts.

4. Build and technology
We designed an approach for Monash IVF's complex geolocation requirements. The site had to display many different types of content based on where the user was, and not just clinic locations as you might expect. Our solution also enables clinical content for health professionals—distinct and restricted from the other users.

Design Excellence

Design and language as a leveller
People who are trying to conceive have so much in common. Rather than building an experience framed around labels—such as "older parents" and "LGTBIQ" that reinforce difference and stigma—we created inclusive content and experiences by focusing on what people need rather than how they identify.

Build and technology
There were many, varied technical requirements that had to be completed in a tight and focussed 12 week project including:

  • Geolocation
  • Restricted content
  • Appointment booking
  • Online payments
  • Donor databases
  • Re-engineering search
  • Re-platforming to a contemporary, de-coupled and headless solution

Design Innovation

Running at the same time as the website redevelopment, Monash had an exciting new tech product to launch: An at-home genetic carrier screening test.

The client needed an online marketplace to sell their genetic testing kits. We guided the client to a whole new realm of possibilities by giving this new product the time and space it deserved ... by presenting and designing it and a distinct product journey and not simply a sub-page on their new website.

We completed a process design that encompassed an end-to-end journey with many different types of touchpoints.

This cutting edge product required a transformation in current service delivery and operational approaches. We designed a communication strategy and guided the content to help communicate the value of the complex and novel product offering.

We brought a human-centred design process to the innovative new product, helping people take control of their fertility journey. You can view the live result here:

Design Impact

Monash IVF research interviews confirmed that we can design experiences that level the playing field by focusing on common needs rather than stigmatising and amplifying what's missing for people. It meant that we could find alternatives to labels that reinforced differences and surface what people had in common.

Our approach resulted in a beautiful, inclusive digital experience that acknowledges and supports people on what is often a long and emotional fertility journey. It’s powered by a robust and comprehensive technical feature set that enables location-based content, appointments, payments and purchases.

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