Finalist 2021


Studio Binocular / National Skills Commission

JEDI: harnessing data to unlock Australia's opportunities

Brand Identity for groundbreaking new data project (JEDI) from the Australian Government, which will help shift the focus from ‘careers’ to ‘skills’, and prepare our economy for the future of work.

Design Brief

Dell Technology’s research shows that 85% of the jobs in 2030 had yet to be invented in 2018. Our economy is in the midst of significant change, requiring a skills revolution to ensure we can leverage the new opportunities technological change will bring.

JEDI (Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure) is a groundbreaking new data project from the Australian Government, which will help shift the focus from ‘careers’ to ‘skills’ – enabling us to transfer skills and adapt to change. JEDI provides a single real time data source – but like any data project, it’s incredibly complex and government was struggling to communicate its strengths and potential.

Studio Binocular were tasked with developing an entire brand identity system for the JEDI project, expressed through a number of platforms.

This project was developed by:

Design Process

1. Grasping the potential
Studio Binocular collaborated with the JEDI team of data scientists, strategists and policy analysts to understand the capabilities of JEDI – which provides a real-time view of the Australian labour market, drawing complex data from multiple sources into its data engine, and transforming it into meaningful insights for many different users.

2. A user-centred approach
The next step was to understand what this actually means for users in a practical sense – what would JEDI give them, and what would that knowledge allow them to do? We learned that for employers it might mean identifying skills gaps in their workforce and offering training; for educators it might mean developing training to support future skills demands; and for governments it might mean a better understanding of regional challenges.

3. Key messaging
We developed a series of key messages and visuals which helped the federal government articulate the value of JEDI in a clear, succinct, and understandable way.

4. A bold brandmark
The brandmark reflects the multi-faceted and inter-related nature of real-time data through overlapping geometric shapes and colour housed in a clear typographic mark.

5. A confident visual language
The visual language extends this further through animated illustrations, icons and strong colour which provide ample flexibility to present a bold, confident and innovative brand.

6. A multi-channel brand
The JEDI brand was documented with brand guidelines, and expanded to include an explainer video, presentation tools, digital templates and a range of leave-behind collateral.

Design Excellence

The JEDI brand demonstrates that it is possible to develop ambitious and highly successful brands for government. It is a truly unique, bold and confident brand which is perfectly suited to the ground-breaking product itself. The JEDI brand is testament to a strong partnership between designer and client – with both parties committed to pushing boundaries and expectations of what a ‘government brand’ could be.

The JEDI brand sets a new benchmark for the communication of data projects – helping users to harness the power of data to make better decisions about Australia’s economy.

Design Innovation

JEDI itself is a ground-breaking innovation, which connects Australian jobs and education data for the first time. Through gaining a clear understanding of the huge potential of JEDI, Studio Binocular were also able to understand the scale of the communication challenge – how can we simplify a massively complex thing so that it's easy for people without technical knowledge to understand the opportunities and possibilities of data?

Our innovative approach included the development of simple, bold visualisations – which stem from the JEDI brandmark – to help give the messaging context and communicate key concepts quickly and clearly. We also broke content up into more digestable chunks which are more suited to digital consumption. This was enhanced by the use of the latest SVG animation technology to create visuals which move and animate on the fly, further reinforcing the idea of live, real-time data.

We provided our client with a suite of presentation tools to articulate their vision in a clear, consistent and succinct way. In practical terms, this means less time spent in explaining what JEDI is, and more time spent discussing the opportunities that it can bring to employers, educators and governments.

Design Impact

JEDI is a flagship product of the federal government, developed as one data engine which feeds multiple applications to help many audiences for years to come. It brings huge long-lasting and positive impact for our society and the Australian economy, by helping employers, educators and governments to:
- Speak a common language of 'skills’ - underpinning the data and enabling these previously unconnected sectors to speak in a common language
- Link jobs to training - helping to find opportunities to link jobs with training and education.
- Forecast future needs - enabling them to anticipate future needs and adapt to changes in our economy

Ultimately, JEDI equips employers, educators and governments to make more informed decisions about jobs, training and education. This benefits all Australians, giving better access to employment and the immeasurable financial, social, and wellbeing benefits this brings.

The JEDI brand plays an invaluable part in positioning JEDI as the ground-breaking enabler that it is. The work we developed in collaboration with our forward-thinking client has enabled them to genuinely communicate the power of this asset to a diverse set of audiences. And by communicating effectively, the brand amplifies the impact of the technology.

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