Finalist 2020

The TOM Organic Period Cup

TOM Organic / Ideation Design

Bringing Reusable Period Care to Every Person

The TOM Organic Period Cup is the first Australian designed and made menstrual cup to be ranged in major supermarkets. The cup’s unique and functional design breaks down barriers to use and brings reusable period care to the masses. The Period Cup is sold with an innovative, first-of-its-kind steriliser case allowing the cup to be discreetly sterilised in the microwave in just 1 minute.

TOM Organic engaged Ideation Design to bring this project to life. Together they set out to solve some serious functional problems and break down the taboos of reusable period care.

Design Excellence

Functional design that solves problems: unique ribs and intuitive-grip makes the cup easier for first-time users. The steriliser-case makes cleaning easier than ever.

Beautiful aesthetics that empower: thoughtfully designed to elevate both function and beauty, from the smooth shape to the colour palette.

Safety always, made with care: made locally with medical grade materials, cup and case meet TGA and Australian safety standards.

Sustainable, local, made to last: Bringing easy to use, reusable period care to the mass-market, leading to a positive shift in consumer behaviour.

Good design at a reasonable price: Local production and supermarket distribution create an accessible price-point.

Design Impact

Each cup can last up to 5 years, a sustainable replacement for disposable pads and tampons.

The products were designed to be made available in major Australian retailers Coles and Chemist Warehouse. The easy to use design and accessible distribution aims to shift the market perception of this “niche” product towards something everyone can choose to introduce into their period care regime.

Tooling for both elements was designed in Australia with a low waste manufacturing philosophy, working closely with two local Melbourne manufacturers to design tooling that required minimal runners and reduced waste offcuts.

Design Transformation

The only Australian made period cup available in a major supermarket,

TOM Organic is a well known Victorian brand that is renowned for bringing good design practice to a stagnant supermarket category.

The packaging and creative direction for this project was created by local Melbourne designers Charlotte Swiden and Hayley McMurray.

Made locally to support local manufacturing – both of our parts manufacturers have had to reinvent themselves after the decline of the automotive industry in Victoria. We are proud to be part of that shift to bring locally made consumer products to the supermarket shelves.

Design Innovation

Period cups are scary, hard to use and not accepted by mainstream consumers. The TOM Period Cup was designed to solve the problems that lead to fear and hesitation:

The unique, intuitive grips and internal ribs  set this cup apart from others, and through design creates a product that is easier to insert and remove.

The steriliser case removes the barrier of having to clean this product by boiling it in a pot on the stove, and allows the user to discreetly sterilise it in the microwave for 60 seconds at home,  work or wherever they may be.

Other Key Features

Since its launch into Coles and Chemist Warehouse in July 2020, the TOM Organic Period Cup is already well on its way to being the highest selling menstrual cup in the Australian market. Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, encouraging tens of thousands of people to try a reusable period care product for the first time, proving that good design can encourage new behaviour and solve real problems for real people.

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