Finalist 2020


Solpod / Studio Periscope / Tensys Engineers / MEL Consulting / Clean Technology Partners

Solpod developed the world’s first re-deployable commercial rooftop solar product.

Solpod is a prefabricated 10-panel pod, involving two wings of 5 solar PV panels each. The pods are assembled in a quality controlled factory, flat-packed on a pallet, trucked to site, craned into position with the wings unfolding into an A-frame.

Solpods can be easily removed and redeployed, which opens up solar for renters. Redeployment enables cheaper, shorter term finance than standard solar.

Solpod reduces injury by eliminating labourers lifting heavy panels. Solpod’s non-penetrating, adhesive feet anchor to the roof where standard solar would screw hundreds of holes.

Design Excellence

Solpod demonstrates good design:

  • Functionality: the first economically, redeployable rooftop solar solution; enabling renters access to the benefits of solar;
  • Safety: moving 80% of person-hours from working at heights to a safe factory floor;
  • Quality: industrialising solar install by pre-fabricating pods rather than assembling every component on the rooftop;
  • Sustainability: expanding solar market to renters, and enabling reuse rather than scrapping.

This globally significant innovation was delivered by an interdisciplinary team of Victorian based designers, which encompassed industrial design, wind tunnel testing, structural and electrical engineering, manufacturing and full scale prototypes.

Design Impact


  • Renters can now benefit from solar, reducing electricity costs and contributing to addressing climate change.


  • Solpod makes solar more commercially viable for businesses who previously did not adopt solar.  Businesses benefit from Solpod with a 3 year commitment.
  • Solpods can be purchased or leased, adding a new flexibility to commercial and industrial rooftop (C&I) solar.


  • Systems can be economically redeployed for reuse at alternative locations rather than scrapped as would be the case with a standard solar system.
  • Higher adoption of solar by business, reducing carbon emissions and aiding in corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Design Transformation

The project demonstrates how Australia’s world leading rooftop solar industry can deliver globally relevant innovation when partnering with Victoria’s professional design industry.

The globally innovative design required a holistic, multidisciplinary team of Victorian designers and engineers:

  • Concept, installer experience and safety by Solpod
  • 3D design by Studio Periscope
  • Wind tunnel modelling by MEL Consulting
  • Structural engineering by Tensys Engineers
  • Electrical engineering by Clean Technology Partners
  • Manufacturing by Aluminium Industries

Solpod has patents pending in Australia, North America, Europe & UK, and Asia.

We have exported Victorian manufactured pods to NSW and WA, and are developing export opportunities in USA and  Asia.

Design Innovation

Despite being cheaper than the grid, most businesses choose to not adopt rooftop solar.  While solar is ‘cheaper,’ this assumes a 15 year period, which is appropriate for the technology but not for most businesses, who may be renters or plan on shorter horizons.

Solpod responds to businesses needing solar that could be relocated, leased and on flexible terms of 3 years.

Solpod has industrialised rooftop solar through the prefabrication of solar pods, that are efficient to install, remove and relocate.

Solpod’s groundbreaking technology means that for the first time, commercial rooftop solar can be economically redeployed.

Other Key Features

The design enhances installer productivity by automatically unfolding and levelling, even on uneven rooftops.

Solpods may be secured using adhesive feet; the only non-penetrating solution for most metal roofs which would otherwise require screwing through thousands of holes.

Tilt orientation of panels smoothes the generation profile across the day, providing more consistent generation.

Solpod’s tilted panel enables air flow which provides superior thermal regulation, increasing generation efficiency and reducing wear on the panels.

Aerodynamically designed to reduce wind loads on the building, which was validated through wind tunnel testing, and enables more solar to be installed on more roofs.

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