Finalist 2020

HalleyAssist AI powered remote health monitoring

HalleyAssist / Swinburne University of Technology / Baptcare / National Ageing Research Institute

HalleyAssist® is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered remote monitoring IoT platform. It has been created to care for the elderly, disabled and those living with health risks – in their own home or residence.

Simple and inexpensive hardware delivers real time information to family and carers so that both the elderly and their loved ones have peace of mind that help is always rapidly accessible.

The A.I. learns normal behaviours to alert family and carers in real time to urgent health issues such as falls. It also identifies and alerts to subtle health changes to allow early health interventions.

Design Excellence

The hardware designed has been led by the Victorian based HalleyAssist® team. Our in-house designers and engineers partnered with domain experts from Swinburne University of Technology to perfect the critical AI components. The AI functionality is truly world class, and this was recently proven by a large trial in home based aged care trial.

We utilise Victorian expert advisors from the National Ageing Research Institute, Aged Care service providers and an expert advisory panel with clinical advisors from ageing and acute care sectors of health.

The aesthetics are minimalist. Users say they are unaware of the presence of hardware.

Design Impact

  1. Effectively detect immediate and long-term health issues to allow early interventions.
  2. Demonstrated to provide cost savings and efficiencies in resources to users, their families, care providers and Government.
  3. Users report feeling more secure knowing help is available when needed and when they cannot call for help.
  4. Families have reductions in stress by being able to see at a glance the status of their loved ones – in real time. Users live in their own homes and the community for longer.
  5. Hardware is minimal, has a long lifespan and is ultimately recyclable.

Design Transformation

HalleyAssist®’s design is unique in that it has been designed to be user centred and builds on health data integration with security and privacy. The development has tapped into the excellence in design and healthcare in Victoria.

Our team approach has led to employing 3 engineering graduates from partner, Swinburne University. While an early startup, we offer employment and experience in design for global markets.

Healthcare and especially ageing is a growing global challenge and we will soon launch into global markets, especially Asia.

We are currently sourcing capital to establish our Victorian based manufacturing facility based in Melbourne.

Design Innovation

HalleyAssist® utilises high function AI to allow reliable and flexible sensor hardware to be used.  The unique unobtrusive design requires no wearables or interaction from the user. This makes it perfect for individuals with dementia, disabilities or where the individual is unable to use technology.

During our recent trial during the COVID lockdown (a time of great concern for elderly health), we recorded outstanding performance and 100% acceptance scores and excellent user experiences from users and their families. One elderly user said, “It is the best thing ever invented”.

HalleyAssist® records no images and has no privacy issues.

Other Key Features

  1. Unobtrusive system and requires no interaction. 30 mins to install, no wiring, annual sensor battery replacement.
  2. Vox system reminders for hydration, medication or appointments – reduces reliance on memory and improves medical compliance.
  3. Medical staff have real health data such as sleep time and quality, hydration, toilet frequency to make more informed medical decisions.
  4. Integrates with home automation and security i.e. lock doors and arm alarm system when subject is in bed – peace of mind.
  5. Built using the FHIR API standards to allow integration with clinical data management systems.

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