Finalist 2020

Flask Lighting System

Edward Linacre / Viktor Legin

New territory in modular lighting through a system of highly adaptable components

The Flask lighting system broaches new territory in modular lighting through a system of highly adaptable components, a world first made-to-order glass luminaire process, and the development of a co-design model that has revolutionised our studio.

In response to a steep increase in market demand for bespoke, architecturally site-specific feature lighting, we set out to develop a highly customisable product that would allow near limitless possibilities of architectural illumination.

What we created was more than a product, but a process, to efficiently and effectively collaborate with our clients.

Design Excellence

The Flask system was designed for collaboration, where the client has the ability to personalise it to their specific requirements.

The modular system that enables this has been developed over a period of years, and allows an affordable made-to-order product, resulting in almost no waste in production.

All components (excluding internal illumination) are made in Australia by high-end manufacturers and master craftsman, the majority in-house or within Victoria.

All internal illumination components are purchased from high end Australian suppliers, the majority of which are of the German brand Tridonic, and are the latest in energy efficient low voltage LED.

Design Impact

90% of our projects are now collaborative design projects. We are riding the wave of a co-design culture between the A&D industry and its suppliers. We see a refocus towards Australian manufacturing through a desire of our clients to be close and connected to the development of their products we are creating, and to share in the creative process. Local manufacturing is of vital importance to the growth of our industry.

We have redefined our studio with our Flask System’s made-to-order, low-waste manufacturing model.

Design Transformation

Flask System not only values local craftsmanship / materials, it also parallels a process that challenges industrialised production with a beautiful, user centred way of customising and co-designing lighting with our clients, and an effective and efficient method of manufacture.
We share the process of creation with our clients, forming an emotional bond to the product, establishing its value as an heirloom. For Mona Farm, the owners matched the colours to the lilac sunsets, and we all wept on completion. Our illuminations for the Early Learning Center are said to brighten up the kids faces on arrival. Collaboration is the future.

Design Innovation

The need for an aesthetically modifiable lighting system was apparent, a potential response to a flood of new lighting products in the market, and a worrying increase in replica lighting importers. Architects, Interior designers, individual clients requested not only a point of difference and personalisation, but the ability to integrate feature lighting seamlessly into their own environments, as opposed to adding it as an afterthought.

The Flask system satisfies this need not only through the ability to customise the arrangement of the glass luminaries, but in a world first – the luminaire itself. The glass vessel was designed to be cost effectively modifiable in manufacture, and therefore made-to-order.

Other Key Features

The Flask glass luminaire can be modified from 20mm Diameter up to 200mm Diameter, and from 200mm to 1300mm in Length, changed in shape, and in 47+ colours. Hardened borosilicate glass tube is perfect for lighting, much stronger than traditional glass. Due to the modular system of fitting components, you can take the vessels and do almost anything with them. As we fabricate our metal components in house, the options are almost limitless.

Our collaborative design process incorporates accurate cost evaluation, digital rendering, supply of digital content and physical samples, all to encourage an efficient and cost-effective process.

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