Finalist 2020

Eva Timber Bed Base


Challenge the notion that flat-pack furniture was both poorly made and difficult to put together

The brief was to design a bed base that could be flat-packed and designed in a way that meant it could be assembled and disassembled by the customer many times over without compromising it’s structural integrity. The brief was also to challenge the notion that flat-pack furniture was both poorly made and difficult to put together by selecting the best quality raw materials and eliminating the dreaded Allen key.

The design also had to hit strict budget restraints to enable us to market the product at the best possible price with compromising on the quality of the finished product.

Design Excellence

When we first began designing the bed base we really focused on the manufacturing side of the project rather than approaching it from an aesthetic prospective. We knew right from the outset that we needed to utilise CNC. CNC machines are extremely efficient and cut to the highest degree of accuracy. A big part of the brief was to eliminate any unnecessary fixings and the use of an Allen key. The leg became central to this and by combing this with a lap join it became the part that held the whole bed together.

Design Impact

Material selection was important when we went through the design process. We began by selecting wood that was not only FSC certified but also the glues they were using gave off the lowest amount of VOC’s. Waste material is also extremely important when you are using amazing raw materials because you don’t want to waste anything. Any off cuts that we did get were used in another process to ensure virtually zero waste. We also wanted to eliminate any unnecessary plastic from the packaging and when it came to selecting the finish for the bed base we selected a plant based oil.

Design Transformation

As a company we are trying to transform the way people view flat-pack furniture and the bed base encompasses everything we are trying to embrace – quality, affordability and functionality. We want our furniture to fit seamlessly into people’s lives by considering every part of the process — from the customer ordering the product, right through to the bed base arriving at the customer and eliminating any of the frustrations and difficulties of assembling flat-pack furniture. This complex design process is only made possible due to the fact that our design, R&D and manufacturing are right here in Melbourne. We want Melbourne design to be at the forefront of changing an industry and our aim is to take this model to customers around the world.

Design Innovation

What makes this product unique is the way that it challenges people’s perception of the world of flat-pack. We wanted to create something that was not only affordable but made to the highest quality. We used the best materials and components we could find and then eliminated any of the manufacturing processes that added costs. This also meant that as you scale the manufacturing, the costs naturally come down because it just becomes more and more efficient. You also ensure that you use the same components across all products so again your supply chain can also adopt the same principles.

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