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The Fashion Advocate

Our face masks are Australian designed, Australian made, ethical, sustainable, made with natural fabrics

Our face masks are Australian designed, Australian made, ethical, sustainable, made with natural fabrics, they’re vegan-friendly, plastic-free, elastic-free, synthetic-free, washable, reusable, biodegradable and reversible. Our masks are designed for circularity too; made from 100% of the same fibre (cotton), allowing them to be recycled, reused, or biodegraded (remove the timber toggle, pop in the worm farm or fabric shredder, and that’s it). We’ve created a premium product for an immediate need in the most sustainable way. Our facemasks are tailored with darts which can be fitted at either the nose or the chin to suit a range of faces, and they’re crafted for longevity with reinforced inner seams, triple-threaded ear loops, and triple-stitched side seams. They fuse fashion and function; they enable Australians to abide by mask rules and protect themselves and each other while still being able to express a sense of style, and retain their sustainability values.

Design Excellence

We sampled seven designs before successfully mastering and releasing our tailored-fit facemasks in three sizes. Our first release mask met the mask shortage need but wasted too much fabric in the cutting process due to the curved design. To us, design is just as much about the aesthetic as it is the impact and function, so we reworked our vision, then designed our own pattern to meet wearability and sustainability needs equally, without compromise. We created a low-waste pattern which tessellates on the fabric – dramatically cutting down fabric waste and in the process – we created an exceptional fit too.

Design Impact

Every component of our masks is biodegradable, and by using 100% cotton, we have also created a product fit for circularity. Our ear-loops are made from 100% organic cotton, and our adjustable toggles are made with unvarnished natural timber beads. Even our sewing thread is 100% cotton, and our packaging is 100% plastic-free, home-compostable and biodegradable. Our masks have been featured on various ‘most sustainable face masks’ media lists. By manufacturing in Australia, we also dramatically reduce transport emission. On a psychological level, our masks are designed to give wearers their ‘freedom of fashion’ and expression in a tough time, while abiding by restrictions.

Design Transformation

Our masks are designed and made in Victoria. They do set a new benchmark for design; masks might seem insignificant, but they’re here to stay and just as every other accessory in the wardrobe is an opportunity to express oneself, so too are masks. Our dominant feature is our extreme attention to sustainability detail and comfortable tailored fit. What good is a sustainable product if it doesn’t work or fit comfortably? Our masks are both beautiful and impactful, ethical and sustainable, functional and fashionable, practical and comfortable. They’re worn by the likes of Noni Hazlehurst, Julie Bishop and Katie Noonan, as well as everyday consumers. This isn’t about ‘just masks’ to us; it’s about educating people on their power to have a positive environmental impact with every purchase – starting with an everyday product.

Design Innovation

If everyone in the world bought just one face mask made with elastic ear-loops, we’d create 2.4 million kilometres of elastic – enough to wrap around the earth sixty times. Elastic is made with polyester and polyester is plastic. Polyester is derived from non-renewable resources (petroleum) and up to 4500 micro-plastic fibres are released per gram of polyester with every single wash (it’s incredibly unsustainable). We refused to use elastic in our masks and instead use 100% biodegradable, natural and circular-friendly materials. They’re a fashionable and functional accessory not just for the pandemic, but for every winter or any social situation to encourage healthy habits and reduce transmission of all air-borne viruses. Our mask packaging is also plant-based and home-compostable.

Other Key Features

Featuring chin darts for a comfortable, no-gape and full-face fit, our two-layer and three-layer face masks offer ultimate protection. They’re a washable, reusable, and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic or polyester face masks. They are 100% plastic-free and synthetic-free for a healthy, breathable, comfortable and sensitive skin-friendly experience every day. Our three-layer masks are made with three layers of durable cotton for a protective layer outward and inward, with an additional filter layer of cotton for extra filtration in the middle. Our cotton is high quality and tightly woven, providing protective filtration whilst allowing easy breathing. They truly are the most comfortable facemask – referenced by our repeat customers and hundreds of happy reviews.

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