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Creating sustainable fashion design outcomes that are both ethically compliant and socially productive.

Rollason Bowring Design (RBD) is an innovative technical design landscape for creative enterprises to facilitate their fashion design objectives.

RBD is a destination for the Textile & Clothing industry offering successful tailor-made advanced pattern making and design, connective supply chain collaborations and a strong community design practice that has both sustained and elevated brands in the both the local and global design arena.

Our focus is creating sustainable fashion design outcomes that are both ethically compliant and socially productive.

Design Excellence

Glen Rollason & Scott Bowring are RBD. They are 50 plus years combined of excellence in establishing collections, design education and the making of fashion. Having a depth of practice and unparalleled knowledge in their field, they are engaged to navigate numerous design houses into a streamlined path that elevates the brand and consumer appeal.

Pattern making is the architecture of fashion, it creates a road map to navigate best practice and RBD designs opportunities to push beyond the idea of clothing by embedding essentially a DNA of the brand into its cutting, enhancing identity and authenticity.

Design Impact

RBD’s design focus impacts in three dominant ways:

  • Our knowledge is embedded in innovative systems of making that create design solutions for our clients
  • Our continuous research and development of our own knowledge and information systems creates positive economic, social and environmental strategies
  • Advocacy on the benefits of design-thinking through education.

In summary, RBD reconfigures our clients’ technical design systems to ensure they continue to follow successful pathways in creating, making and end-user product satisfaction.

We’ve also established a Patternmaking School, engaging a creative community that impacts on the creation of works for commercial and artistic endeavours.

Design Transformation

Our practice encourages behavioural change in our clients. The idea is evolutionary and RBD is engaging in procedures that benefit the realisation of fashion ideas through cutting and making, sharing knowledge into a broader design community.

We use these challenges purposefully to re-evaluate systems that are antiquated in the current climate, which demands a more sustainable approach economically, environmentally and socially.
The typical process of designing and making fashion is no longer viable to ensure the future productivity for an industry requiring engagement in both big and small ideas, needing to untangle systems existing in design and making.

Design Innovation

The design community demands more transparency, accountability and social awareness from its brands. Fashion has been challenged to reflect on its own protocols and promote design with a social conscience.

RBD’s response is to manage more ethical supply chains and vigorously challenge its own pathways. RBD has focussed on innovating systems that reduce over-supply, design fatigue and aims to future proof its clients.

RBD is creating new opportunities through extending pattern software possibilities, re-evaluating production techniques that upscale clients’ making, cutting and supply strategies. These amplify positive practices and unburden redundant methodologies that design firms assume are standard practice.

Other Key Features

RBD also encompasses:

The Pattern Making Class: Australia’s first industry-led classes and workshops focussing on launching and sustaining creative skills across a broad creative community, professionally and socially. It is a springboard to multiple entry-points where fashion education interfaces with the fashion industry.

The Block Shop: twenty-seven years of intellectual property used throughout the global fashion industry, now shared in hard and soft copy with the pattern making class; a unique opportunity to work in the meta of pattern making by sourcing perfectly balanced and resolved blocks across fourteen styles and nine sizes. It promotes size inclusivity and gender-neutral opportunities.

Fashion Design 2020 Finalists