Finalist 2020

SleepWellBaby – Sleep and Settling app

SleepFit Solutions Pty Ltd / Tresillian Family Care Centres

Digital intervention for parents of children up to 3 years.

SleepWellBaby (SWB) is an evidence-based, digital intervention for parents of children up to 3 years. Based on Tresillian’s longstanding early parenting programs, the SWB mobile application supports parents to understand and respond to infant cues and behaviours, as well as to monitor their own mental health through screening and stepped care to specialist services including Telehealth.

SWB was developed by Sleepfit prior to the COVID-19 crisis. NSW Government-funded free access for all NSW families with babies up to 12 months old providing timely support for new parents during the pandemic. After 4 months, over 18,500 families had been supported.

Design Excellence

Evidence-based: We consult heavily with Tresillian when designing the program to ensure the advice stays true to their experience. Co-design and approval of all content and features ensure clinical accuracy.

User-centric and data-driven design: Putting new parents at the heart of everything we do and conduct rigorous user interviews, beta-testing and A/B testing to ensure accessible experience.

Clear, trustworthy and empathetic design is our core UX principle. We understand that this is important to give a flawless experience to tired, anxious parents. SleepWellBaby is also ISO27001-Certified (highest data certification available) to protect users\’ data and privacy.

Design Impact

We had an extensive take-up with over 20,000 babies registered. We have over 4,400 GP letters issued to remove barriers to treatment and relieve public health. There are over 300,000 visits to helplines and support page in the app- connecting users to the support they need. 70% of our parents of 0-3 month report experiencing positive change.

  • Independently assessed SROI (Social Return on Investment) by EY of $5.51 for every dollar invested
  • Data collected assist parents to give accurate data about their babies when consulting nurses or GP

Design Transformation

SleepWellbaby is an Australian-designed health app that stands out and competes in the global market. We want a health app that is not only functional but delightful to use. Understanding who we are designing and building for is crucial in the success of SleepWellBaby.

We use carefully designed illustrations as part of the brand voice making the program more inclusive and approachable to users and we couple this with intentional UX writing to engage with our users in a familiar and warm tone.

Design Innovation

Baby and parents inclusive: This program is designed to promote the well-being of both baby and parents. We provide resources for parents to monitor and seek support for themselves and their babies.

Early intervention and treatment: In-app screening and issuing of GP letters for parents with PNDA symptoms and for babies with symptoms of common medical problems removes barriers to treatment. SleepWellBaby also connects users who need help through coaching sessions with registered nurses.

Tracking and insight: A ‘virtual memory’ for parents empowering them to track data and receive personalised insights into their babies\’ unique natural patterns

Multiple carers feature: Ability to invite other carers and family members to be part of the baby’s journey

Other Key Features

  • Customised planner that parents can edit based on observing babies’ patterns because all babies are unique and we want to reflect this in the feature
  • In-app screening surveys for children and parents’ (physical and mental) well-being
  • In-app feature to book with Tresillian nurses for coaching sessions
  • A vast library of different newborn and baby-related topics
  • White noise, lullaby(for babies) and meditation (for parents) player

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