Finalist 2020

Energy Safe Victoria

Ellis Jones / Energy Safe Victoria / I'm Content

Move more people to take action, to ultimately, save lives.

Most Victorians know that gas heaters can leak carbon monoxide (CO) – a poisonous gas that causes illness and even death. Thousands of Victorians are at risk, but few are taking the critical step of servicing their heater regularly to stay safe. Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) engaged Ellis Jones to deliver its statewide CO awareness campaign and move more people to take action, to ultimately, save lives.

Design Excellence

Clarity and access were paramount in driving the creative direction of the campaign. So was visual differentiation and aesthetic cohesion across a number of channels.

A single, unifying campaign colour was at the heart of the visual identity, along with a play between two typefaces. An imperative, handprinted version of A2 type’s HK Signature, and the more stayed tone of Schwiss. These two key visual assets were deployed across all executions to draw together applications as wide ranging as billboards and TVCs to fridge magnets and shopping lists.

Design Impact

Third party market research confirmed our strategic intent was translating into audience experience, and practical behavioural change.

Before the end of winter 2019, the campaign had already achieved strong recall among Victorians, with:

  • 81% of people learning something new
  • 74% of people expressing a desire to do something about the risk of CO poisoning in their home
  • 42% of people having done something already, such as having their heater serviced, seeking more information, or talking to someone about it.

Design Transformation

In the face of a crisis, ESV needed to communicate the importance of the potential dangers in people’s homes. The campaign not only directed attention to the issue, but also instilled an emotional connection to the importance of a safe home life, and enabling reasonable action to be taken.

Design Innovation

The question “Are you sure?” aimed to trigger a feeling of doubt or uncertainty from the audience. Our tagline, “Be sure”, showed the seriousness of the issue, and provided a resolution that was actionable.

In CALD applications, we worked with specialist translators to ensure that the conceptual approach resonated in the target languages.

The final creative device was the visualisation of CO as an orange gas. This was illustrative, used to give a sense of how the odourless, invisible and silent gas behaves.

Other Key Features

Still photography was created in collaboration with Sean Fenessey – to make images in which beauty was drawn out of everyday home environments. In tandem with photography, loose brush and marker illustration was developed.

Social campaign metrics are more easily defined in real time, with the three lead Instagram content pieces (video advertising and stories) receiving in excess of 250,000 views, and thousands of comments and shares within the first 4 weeks of the campaign – drastically extending organic reach.

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