Finalist 2019

Food Delta

An Ni / Cheng Jie / Huang JiaRong / Kuo Po-Hsuan / Zhai QingYun

Docklands used to be part of Lower Yarra Delta, a low lying marsh area at the confluence of Yarra
 River and Maribryrnong River. It was a hunting ground and meeting place for the Aboriginal communities.

Today, Docklands has transformed into a highly urbanised environment where the whole ecology of the place has completely changed, and so as the food and social system.

Therefore, Food Delta raises the question, ‘Where’s the fertile land?’, hoping we would revive the delta into a healthy ecosystem that contributes to food security and overall social well-being.

Design Excellence

Food Delta integrates Mobile Game Application with Guerrilla Garden
- Foodie Go - to kick start a self-sustaining community garden.
This gamification of a community garden that brings virtual reality into a real-time location gardening process.

The project also provides gardening infra-structures, experience masterplan, and food production system that serve Victoria Harbour to achieving the desired environmental, economic, and social outcome.

Food Delta strongly incorporates a branding strategy to create a strong identity for the system. This helps to reflect the spirit of the community, creating a long-lasting, inspiring and meaningful place in Docklands.

Design Impact

Melbourne has a diverse food culture and a strong identity with food and cafes, we believe this spirit and the love for food shall carry on into the future. Therefore, Food Delta invites the people in Docklands and the greater CBD of Melbourne into a new interactive gardening system.

Food Delta believes in the ripple effect whereby initiating a good deed will bring great transformation. Firstly, FoodieGo App shall reactivate the community; and with a strong community, productive food garden could sustain; with food diversity, ecology improves. Consequently, all these shall bring about a good economy and social well-being.

Design Transformation

Food Delta deploys a strategic food system into Docklands to create a closed-loop system where the community could grow and harness food with the help of Pop-up Gardens and FoodieGo App.

Pop-up Gardens are modularised, flexible, and adaptive. It starts from a single unit growing kit where people could grow at home. People could then place the kit out in the public, onto bigger structures that function as outdoor furniture and shade structures.

The system has small-scale food industries that generate work opportunity to the community and provide services to the people within the city.

Design Innovation

A ‘Social Game’ that provides a safe and sociable playing environment that encourages gardening and promote healthy social interaction among the communities in Docklands.

The APP has features such as Game, Monitoring System and Communication Platform, that help to connect the individual user with the whole community. It provides helpful information such as plant growth and production. This APP allows the management team to monitor the whole system by gathering data and feedback.

This Application helps people to get involved with the process of urban farming. It’s a network system that connects food, people and infrastructure.

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