Finalist 2019

GovMap User Discovery and Roadmap Design

ThinkPlace / Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Victorian Government needs to make evidence-based and strategically informed decisions about how government land is utilised to deliver greater public value for Victorians.

The GovMap website was created as a single point of authoritative spatial and non-spatial information about government-owned land in Victoria to support future decision making.

In late 2018 the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) was looking to define the path for GovMap. DELWP collaborated with ThinkPlace to engage stakeholders and users in discovery and innovation to identify new or enhanced ways GovMap might contribute to gaining greatest public value from government land.

Design Excellence

DELWP and ThinkPlace formed a Core Design Team (CDT) and collaboratively developed the research protocol, co-facilitated interviews and focus groups, synthesised insights and co-designed the ThinkCamp, roadmap materials and final report.

The formation of the CDT enabled all members to be actively engaged in the design process, providing an opportunity for multiple types of experience and expertise (design, geospatial, IT, research and engagement) to be brought to every project design decision.

Through the CDT the project was able to engage with a broad range of stakeholders and consistently reflect on user needs (desirability), system design (feasibility), and operational requirements (viability).

Design Impact

The CDT engaged with 80+ stakeholders via design-led activities. A series of interviews and focus groups was facilitated to explore current-state user requirements.

The CDT then co-designed and facilitated a ThinkCamp with 70 stakeholders from across user groups. A set of insights from the research activities was provided to participants, and 68 ideas were developed to respond to opportunities and challenges identified. These ideas informed the design of the key areas in which GovMap could realise its future value proposition of being “a trusted place that enables collaboration and informs improved decision making to enhance the use of public land”.

Design Transformation

The co-design process enabled identification of new potential GovMap users. Previously, attention had been focused on recruiting government users to engage with the platform, with potential to extend to public users (community groups, NGOs). Through discovery, the team uncovered a new cohort: consultant valuers and surveyors who privately undertake work for government and face similar challenges regarding access to government land information.

The roadmap design now incorporates changes which enable the system to deliver to a broader range of stakeholders, further supporting informed decision-making about government-owned land.

Design Innovation

A consistent motto shared with participants was “this isn’t the first and last time we’ll meet- we want you to come on the journey with us”. People who engaged in interviews and focus groups were invited to participate in a one-day ThinkCamp. Here they saw their thoughts reflected in the insights report and were encouraged to utilise this information to generate ideas for GovMap’s future.

ThinkCamp enabled the CDT to develop a future design of GovMap as a “collaborative marketplace” where government agencies, industry and community are proactively engaged in contributing and exchanging information on land use.

Other Key Features

The roadmap design now incorporates design initiatives which will enable the system to deliver to a broader range of stakeholders in the future, further supporting the service delivery towards better land use for Victoria.

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