Finalist 2019

VOLTA – Technology You Can’t See

CiiLOCK Engineering Australia

The next Generation State of the Art power assist roller designed to enable the Aged and Ambulant communities to easily open and close sliding doors thereby allowing their continued enjoyment and benefit of both seeing and experiencing the outdoors with minimal effort.

Experience shows that with age or health issues, we still want the day to day living experience, but the body does not necessarily keep pace. The VOLTA system by CiiLOCK Engineering will allow this to happen.

Design Excellence

  • Core design of engineering uses the ‘Power Steering’ assist concept from motor cars.
  • Design and technology excellence will reduce of opening forces by 60 Newtons. This translates to a reduction of effort of approximately 75% on a panel weighing 150kg. (please see video)
  • Super quiet operation
  • Automatic charging
  • Inbuilt battery backup will allow more than 50 opening and closings in case of total power failure.
  • Weather resistant
  • Operator is in full control at all times.
  • All components are hidden in the panel itself and easily accessible for maintenance and repair if required.

Design Impact

The future of society is very strongly focussed on automation or variances thereof.

Marrying CiiLOCK’s mechanical excellence with electronics allows the best of both worlds to capitalise on the future.

This design will initially allow the aged and ambulant communities to live fuller lives for longer, without the concerns of hurting themselves or always asking others to assist.

This design will allow larger double glazing or triple glazing panels with associated energy and cost savings to be used by all.

Design Transformation

This project has allowed CiiLOCK Engineering to establish a Mechatronics department that has the mandate of ‘Blue Sky’ thinking to create and explore the future and create opportunities.

With the success of this project, there are many other designs being assessed that will drive the progressiveness of the business.

The future integration of electronics with components and systems will drive to the smarter sensors, applications and designs that are already futuristic.

Design Innovation

  • The design concept started wishing to enhance the system which won a Good Design Award 2014 in the Hardware and Building Category.
  • The market continues to demand sliding doors with both larger openings and higher weather resistance. Both have contributed to higher load ratings and sealing that has a flow on effect in increasing the force required to open and close these panels.
  • Looking to use assistance while still in control pointed strongly to the ‘Power Steering’ concept which still uses a small amount of effort, but allows majority of effort in the mechanical assistance. In this case the VOLTA roller.

Other Key Features

  • Utilising the still ground breaking ‘Mother of All Rollers’ Roman Arch principle (Ref Good Design Award 2014), this drive roller set is fully self aligning and fully adjustable in height to match other panels or the fixed panel.
  • Automatic trickle charge when panel is in closed position.
  • Charge port, battery backup and all wiring internal of the moving panel.
  • All testing done in full system including seals with 150kg weight moving panel.

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