Finalist 2019

Sway, Made by Pen and Nick Rennie

Made by Pen

Sway by Made by Pen and Nick Rennie is a totally new concept in floor lamp design.

The playful light is not tethered to any power cable or outlet. It is completely free to move about and for the user to interact with it anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

Sway demonstrates innovation and design excellence. It has been extensively researched, the final offering to the customer a well negotiated outcome in a beautifully resolved design, albeit with some character.

Design Excellence

Graceful simplicity, Sway has presence whether it is still or when swaying on its globular base. The positive child-like reaction generated as the lamp playfully teeters when knocked adds a dimensional charm. The movement tapping into the intangible reasons why customers like what they do.

The lamps mobility over-delivers on most user’s expectations on how a floor lamp should perform. In addition, the specific design features add more depth and functional desire; soft touch tap technology; five lighting options and the battery life lasts 6-10+ hours (depending on the selected setting). Recharging is as simple as charging your phone.

Design Impact

Sway is a product which integrates naturally into the space for which its designed. As it is cordless and re-chargeable, it can be used in outdoor as well as interior settings, making it versatile as well as decorative.

The lamp is turned on or off by a soft-touch simple tap, and offers 5-colour variations of white light making it applicable to any space. This mobility and share-ability, a deliberate Made by Pen design strategy to add value and flexibility to products, increases Sway\'s appeal and utility for modern homeowners and interior decorators.

Design Transformation

Design a lamp suitable to be placed anywhere, in any room, inside or out. Be bound Pen's design ethos to deliver something timeless, of quality, innovative and with accessibility in mind, the end-game to provide a value proposition for the buyer.

The initial presentation was a design incredibly simple in its appearance. A design that would have a presence if purely used as a static image. The initial sketch looked similar to how a six-year-old might draw a “dumbbell” and it was playfully discussed how this might \'topple over\'. This was the birth of Sway.

Design Innovation

Sway disrupts the tradition of floor lamp design, shifting the basic design elements which have largely remained unchanged: static pedestal, counterbalanced base, tethered to a power socket. Sway\'s ability to move, both anywhere in the intended space, and playfully on its globular base, demonstrates a new approach. Fundamentally though, the design innovation ensures the lamp is highly functional, its new versatility increasing its appeal and utility for customers and decorators.

Other Key Features

1.Mood lighting
Provision of 5-light settings from warm low to natural bright, with the tap of the hand you can adjust the light-setting to complement your mood. With its smart technology, Sway will automatically return to your last setting when you next \'tap\' it on.

2.Worldwide standards
The Pen team worked with designers, manufacturers, engineers, and testers to achieve an award-winning design that meets all relevant Australian and EU regulations for lamp design, both inside and out. Proudly Australian engineered, Sway has multi-country adapters to make it easier to use the innovative Sway regardless of where in the world you happen to live.

The Sway lamp has undergone comprehensive compliance testing to achieve Australian standards, and EU certification, and to qualify for an IP rating of IP54.  The studio will continue to seek relevant compliance or standards testing for any other required markets.
The removal of a cord while the lamp is being used provides the additional benefit of eliminating the trip hazard created by traditional lamps in flexible spaces.

Made by Pen produces pieces which we consider \'good design\'. We believe a good design imbues quality, is impactful, and importantly is relevant. By producing pieces with this benchmark, we encourage longevity in the purchase decision, our customers \'buy once and buy well\'.

-Specifically, LED lighting that has been selected for Sway is used for its energy efficiency, as well as expected long life;
-To reduce packaging waste, Pen reuses original manufacturing packaging in customer product packaging, and the Sway box is made from an uncoated stock enabling it to be fully recycled.

Sway boasts an Australian design and engineering team with world class credentials and manufacturing partners that were rigorously selected by Made by Pen to ensure a quality product was produced. Direct consumer feedback was also consistently undertaken throughout the design journey and fed back into the design process e.g. pre-release feedback saw requests for an extended battery life, provision of more lighting options, and outdoor accessibility. The studio delivered on these, Sway now provides 5-lighting options, battery life up to 10 hours, certification for AU and EU standards and IP official ratings.

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