Finalist 2019

Stealth B-52 Electric Bike

Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth Electric Bikes are the perfect synergy between man and machine, the ultimate extension of the human body.

Handcrafted in Australia, every Stealth Electric Bike is engineered with a dedicated purpose in mind. Fusing together a premium parts arsenal with moto-styling, providing years of reliable, peak performance.

Design Excellence

In 2008, the Stealth B-52 Bomber was the first in the world to fuse the design of a e-mountain bike with the performance of a motorbike. Starting with the top priorities on every off roader’s list – power, stability and reliability Stealth electric bikes focus on simple design around high quality components to satisfy our customer\'s needs. All products combine a hand crafted chassis with precision engineering, to provide riders with a lifetime of adventure.

Design Impact

Since creating a new product niche, Stealth Electric Bikes have set the world standard for electric bikes in our category. Before our time, we recognised electric as the way of the future for vehicles. With a world focus on green technology, Stealth bikes are well placed to take advantage of the growing wave.

Design Transformation

Design is the backbone of Stealth Electric Bikes. From product inception through to marketing and finally the Stealth customer experience, our focus on design ensures the company stays innovative and at the forefront of a rapidly evolving global market. The level of design integration into all processes and activities is non exhaustive and ensures that all existing and upcoming products continue to push the boundaries of their predecessors.

Design Innovation

With a strong company focus on R&D, each year we introduce new proprietary technology to the product range. The Stealth B-52 Bomber in 2019 is unrecognisable compared to its original form almost all components in the drive train are now proprietary with new releases already in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond.

Other Key Features

Long travel suspension designed for heavy loads, rough terrain and motocross style jumps. High capacity battery packs capable of high-power outputs and long-range operation. Advanced sine wave inverter technology designed to maximise power and efficiency while minimising noise and heat signatures.

High powered hub motors which maintain a simple, robust design while minimising the number of moving parts, improving service life and reliability. Well designed, simple gear trains designed for longevity and noise reduction.

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