Finalist 2019

Blackmagic eGPU

Blackmagic Design

Designed by Blackmagic Design and co-developed with Apple in California, the eGPU is the world’s first silent external graphics accelerator, enhancing the processing power of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Costing $699, it is an affordable means of transforming a laptop into a professional workstation, enhancing graphics, gaming and video editing workflows.

With a purpose-built architecture specifically developed to minimise its footprint and optimise thermal efficiency, the Blackmagic eGPU redefines GPU aesthetics.

The simple, unique design is an antidote to the overtly masculine styling typical in the category; a visual narrative that aligns seamlessly with Apple MacBooks and a range of environments.

Design Excellence

Typically, graphics accelerators are loud, unattractive, and bulky. A product of exhaustive research and testing, the eGPU is elegant and quiet, with a space efficient vertical format.

Designed for optimal airflow, its floating form and bespoke thermal management system dissipate an unprecedented 235 watts of heat in virtual silence.

Optimised by flow simulation technology, the unique top grille is formed by a proprietary moulding process, eliminating interconnecting ribs to reduce noise and improve airflow.

A global sell-out within two weeks of launch, it has had a profound impact on the way MacBook users handle professional video and graphics.

Design Impact

The core ethos of Blackmagic Design focusses on empowering creative people with affordable, accessible video technology. At $699, the eGPU offers plug-and-play functionality and high-end performance, eliminating the need for additional noisy, cumbersome and costly PCs to extend MacBook capabilities. This ensures independent colourists, editors and gamers can maximise their creative (and competitive) potential.

This has significant cultural impacts, with creative expression and business success no longer constrained by affordability or technical expertise. Allowing access to high-speed, professional video acceleration the eGPU enables immersive gaming experiences, unlimited creative potential and efficient outcomes, freeing users from the constraints of inadequate technology.

Design Transformation

Reputation - The affordable, ultra-portable design and high-end performance of the $699 eGPU reinforces Blackmagic Design’s reputation as a world leader in affordable, professional video technology. Aligned with one of the world’s biggest tech companies, it has had a profound impact on the way MacBook users handle professional video and graphics.

Profitability - A global sell-out within two weeks of launch, the eGPU has delivered great penetration into the previously untapped gaming hardware market, exposing a whole new demographic to Blackmagic Design hardware and software.

Design Innovation

A unique, floating base lightens the eGPU’s desktop presence, and provides a generous inlet for cool air to rise through the thermal core.

The tower configuration of the thermal management system exploits natural convection, allowing the internal fan to spin more slowly, quietly and effectively.

Even running at full load, The Blackmagic eGPU is virtually inaudible in a typical office environment, eliminating unwanted distractions.

The incremental improvements gained from these measures have resulted in a collective performance leap, allowing the dissipation of 235 watts of heat in virtual silence - an unprecedented feat in the consumer electronics industry.

Other Key Features

Designed specifically for video editors, gamers and graphics professionals the Blackmagic eGPU delivers 22x faster performance than the built-in GPU on a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The eGPU’s main enclosure is made from a single, seamless piece of extruded aluminium that eliminates visible fixings, reinforcing its honest, high-end materiality.

It aligns effortlessly with the industrial design of Apple’s MacBook range, matching their levels of perceived quality, finish and attention to detail.

The refined colour and finish of the eGPU’s recyclable anodised aluminium body was specifically chosen to reflect its immediate environment, allowing it to compliment any space.

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