Finalist 2019

Blackmagic Camera Control Panel

The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel is used for the remote control of live cameras up to 2km away, allowing real-time adjustments to technical settings like iris, shutter and colour balance.

Designed specifically for live TV broadcasts, it costs $2995, allowing simultaneous control of four cameras for less than one traditional control module.

The Camera Control Panel’s hierarchical layout of physical controls, organised into clear functional zones, ensures instinctive control of critical functionality. Bespoke, multi-axis joysticks possess refined haptics for simultaneous, single-handed setting adjustments.

Unlike traditional controllers it does not require desk installation, ensuring efficient, flexible set-up and exceptional portability.

Design Excellence

The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel is an affordable, professional camera control solution that empowers independent producers, allowing them to create engaging professional live broadcasts, regardless of budget or technical expertise.

Its compact, versatile product architecture allows efficient set-up and effortless portability.

A rational, intuitive control layout fosters an intrinsic connection between user and camera, enhancing productivity and eliminating errors in high pressure live situations.

It is an empathetic response to live production workflows and ergonomics, ensuring comfortable simultaneous control of multiple cameras.

Its highly durable enclosure easily withstands the rigours of demanding on-location shoots.

Design Impact

The ultra-portable Camera Control Panel democratises broadcast-quality switcher control, offering direct, responsive cont¬rol through an intuitive physical interface. No longer required to compromise on creativity, performance or efficiency, individuals, institutions and even novice users are empowered to explore new, innovative, approaches to live broadcasting regardless of location.

This has significant cultural benefits, in that professional execution is no longer determined by affordability or technical expertise. With a highly diverse user base now able to access high-end camera control technology, a vast range of creative ideas can now be expressed in a professional manner, unconstrained by the limitations of inferior technology.

Design Transformation

The backbone of Blackmagic Design’s corporate strategy is a clearly articulated, deep-rooted commitment to design throughout all aspects of their business process. Using design thinking to constantly challenge conventional decision-making, they are able to identify, evaluate and exploit areas of innovation throughout the product development cycle.

Informing key design decisions with constant immersion in the workflows of end-users, Blackmagic Design applies the same critical principles internally, creating a process and working environment that foster real, professional empathy between disciplines. Running concurrently, engineering and industrial design constantly inform each other, greatly improving quality, speed to market and manufacturing efficiency.

Design Innovation

The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel is the world’s first portable CCP to integrate four control modules in one enclosure.

For $2995, a quarter of the cost of anything on the market, it is the world’s most affordable multi-camera remote control interface.

Exceptional portability - Unlike traditional controllers the compact Blackmagic Camera Control Panel does not require desk installation, ensuring efficient, flexible set-up in a range of locations.

Bespoke, multi-axis joysticks offer refined tactile feedback for simultaneous, single-handed tuning of iris and black levels.

The hierarchical layout of physical controls, organised into clear functional zones, ensures instinctive control of critical functionality.

Other Key Features

Pared back to its essential elements, the control surface presents an ordered, rational workspace despite its wealth of features. Angled at 5°, the generous front landing provides natural ergonomics, putting critical controls at the user’s fingertips for responsive, intuitive access.

Resilience in unforgiving locations and hectic broadcast scenarios is essential. The Camera Control Panel’s striking chassis, CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, facilitates exceptional structural integrity and a highly accurate datum for consistent positioning of controls and displays. A professional studio presence inspiring trust in the most demanding client, it is also a dramatic visual counterpoint to the functional workspace.

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