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ANDREW WILLIAMS ® / Universal Fashion Corporation

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” ― Oscar Wilde

Neckties have always been worn with a knot tied around the neck. However, knots can sometimes be difficult to form and may lead to discomfort if tied too tightly. This patent pending, “Tienot”, allows the knot around the neck to be formed without the need of tying a knot. Tienot also ensures that it is impossible to tie the necktie too tightly.

Design Excellence

This original, new and innovative design has eliminated the need to tie a knot every time a necktie is worn. This knot is sewn in such a way that the wearer only needs to slide it up to achieve a well tied tie. This design has led to great user experience as it has created a new market of innovative and sustainable fashion accessory. These new designs will definitely set new standards both nationally and internationally due to the innovative ease of operation, look and feel of the necktie.

Design Impact

This original, new and innovative necktie knot has solved the legitimate problem of necktie tied too tightly around the neck. A tight necktie can sometimes lead to raised intraocular pressure if tied too tightly. The user experience is enhanced in 3 major ways:

1.The knot of the necktie is rendered perfectly on each occasion.
2.No need to tie a knot, it is ready-made.
3.The Tienot achieves a perfectly neat and comfortable knot every time.

Design Transformation

The transformation is achieved by elimination of the need to manually tie a knot on each occasion of wearing – often saving multiple attempts to get the right comfortable fit (not tied too tightly) and look.

Design Innovation

It took over 12 months of research and over 27 prototypes before this design of necktie knot was successfully created. The design of this necktie knot is created using pattern making principles, and incorporates pleats, which enhances the fullness and realism of the look and feel. The design of this necktie knot is so accurate that the correct balance between optimal neatness and tightness is always achieved.

This patent pending design is exactly enacted in the manufacturing process and the ties are on sale. New export markets for this wholly Australian designed and manufactured product are actively being sought.

Other Key Features

  • Create many new combinations by wearing a different knot with the necktie.
  • Ready-made Tienot requires no skills.
  • Easily adjust the necktie length.
  • Australian manufacturing helps create employment in the economy.

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