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Inspired in part by our recent collaboration with our primary retailer in Japan, this collection seeks to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and technical apparel.

As a High Fashion Artisanal label tanner+teague sought to create clothing that extends the usage, more extreme conditions, with a froward thinking aesthetic. Rather than adorning garments with utilitarian decoration (technical appendages) the brief: to designed these elements into the garments. Subtlety, clean-lines, ergonomics, and above all aesthetics being paramount. Working with technical, and natural fabrics, while creating an urbane, sophisticated collection appealing to ages 20+. Men's/Women's/Unisex pieces that speak of gesture not gender.

Design Excellence

Providing highly innovative yet subtle garments to aesthetically minded clients.

  • Rethinking the cut of each garment to accommodate various body shapes, reducing gender stereotypes.
  • Shifting to a wholesale model reduces the wastage unescapable through stockholding, working instead to supply+demand.
  • Reducing waste through digital, energy aware, and extensive recycling practises,
  • Retaining a local focus to support our manufacturing industry, and working with Local G.O.T.S certified Organic Fabric suppliers.
  • Ongoing presentations at Paris Fashion week have resulted in local and international collaborations from partners looking to leverage our high-level design, while our seasonal collections continue to exceed our global stockists expectations

Design Impact

In the past 12 months tanner+teague has expanded from Melbourne, to being stocked in Japan, Europe, USA and Canada. Through lean initiatives we have reduced the 'dead stock wastage', and work in the most efficient way possible. The transition from retail to wholesale was HUGE, and given our international success in only 12 months we see our global impact is in its infancy. International Collaborations, further to promote Good Australian Design abroad, while a philosophy of refining and re-thinking all aspects of our approach to design and manufacturing remains fundamental.

Design Transformation

tanner+teague is the culmination of Sam Fisher’s creative vision, a place to bring his respected design aesthetic to life for Men + Women. As Vivienne Westwood’s Head Experimental Pattern Cutter, Sam Fisher spent many years in London refining his skills while working directly with Vivienne, developing collections and driving new styles for her premium Gold Label Line. The nature of Sam Fisher's experience requires each garment to be designed anew. Using Draping techniques developed during his tenure in Europe each piece requires considerable design development and research resulting in refined, wearable and unique pieces

Design Innovation

Working with, and supporting local suppliers and manufacturers is about maintaining the knowledge base - if the industry dies, the information is lost.

Maintaining sustainable practise is imperative, working with suppliers who agree to this way of life, and teaching others is how we move forward.

For tanner+teague shifting from vertical to a wholesale model, opened our scope, reach, and reduced the waste/sale mentality inherent in vertical operations. The creation of a Sample collection that is bulk manufactured based on orders.

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