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Looking Back to Look Forward – Amano by Lorena Laing

Amano Colab by Lorena Laing

Amano Colab. looks to the past to create for the future. The Amano project dives deeply into sustainable and ethical fashion, researching new / old, artisanal techniques including needle knitting, crochet, loom weaving and working with one of the last knitting mills left in Victoria.

We look to bring the ancient techniques back to the fore front of fashion, with the aim to produce forever collections which ignite the longing of the traditional with a modern cotemporary edge.

Design Excellence

The project consists of collections of contemporary knitwear made from Alpaca wool and raw linens.

These collections are Sold through top-end boutiques Australia wide such as Husk stores, as well as over 12 boutiques throughout the US and Amano’s new Atelier in the charming Rathdowne village of Carlton North.

Amano is committed to our local industry, artisanal techniques which embrace all things sustainable, ethical and Zero waste.
Amano’s passion for working with highly sustainable fibres, has been welcomed reflecting this through the success of the brand in the local and international market place for the past 5 years.

Design Impact

The Amano Colab project impacts directly on the fashion industry’s current sustainable practices and challenges consumers to question the traceability of their clothing as well as the origins of the fibres themselves.

The brand highlights the value of locally made, supports responsible buying habits, educates the consumers on the importance of investing in local brands that provide a transparent insight into the manufacturing process behind the scenes.

Amano invites their consumer into their Atelier space, to witness first hand how every piece is made, it all starts with a single thread.

Design Transformation

The Amano Ethos is at the forefront of sustainable and ethical fashion.

The Brand itself is on its 10th consecutive season, producing luxury fashion with Zero waste.

Amano is proof of a highly sustainable business which continues to win the battle over fast fashion and embraces the slow fashion movement instead. Through the old fashion concept of ordering your luxury item made to order, we are able to reduce excess obsolete stock.

In working so closely with our local artisans and manufacturers we are able to respond fast to our clients' demands without impacting on excess stockholdings. Through strong relationships we have built a network of local makers willing to rebuild our local industry and become a stronger voice in the fashion revolution movement.

Design Innovation

Amano’s brand has been able to break into new grounds in sustainable practices through the growth and development of the machine knitting capsule range, which has gained momentum over the past 3 years.

Through the aid of cad design, we are able to develop and create fully fashioned knitted garments with zero waste, mimicking the techniques and highly sustainable methods of the handcrafted products in the existing handmade luxury range.

Each garment features a label which tells the tale of where the garment came from, how it was crafted, highlighting the bespoke nature of the product, as no 2 pieces are ever the same.

It’s a personal note to the wearer, encouraging them to engage deeply and begin the dialogue and questions: who made my clothes? Where are my clothes made? What are they made of? Will they decompose? All of which are relevant and important questions in today’s current environmentally conscious world we live in..

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