Best in Category - Fashion Design 2019

A.BCH – A Circular Fashion Label


All A.BCH designs are made for biological circularity. This includes our threads, elastics, interlinings, dyes, fibres, buttons and anything else that forms part of a garment/accessory.

Most raw materials available to small and even large businesses are created from un-recyclable, synthetic materials which are often combined with "natural" materials, making recycling a nightmare and degradability impossible.

Our challenge is to divert textiles from landfill by making garments in pure material streams, simplifying life-extension, recycling and compostability for our customers. Limitations aside, this challenge has seen our aesthetic flourish as a desirable and elegant wardrobe centred on timeless, naturally luxurious materials.

Design Excellence

Our design excellence starts at the beginning. Every piece we create is designed for a pre-determined lifecycle and our design thinking is informed by the need to create fair, circular products and circular systems for a post-growth future.

Every raw material must be biologically circular, safe and traceable to origin. We then model this behaviour so other fashion labels too, can transform to a better model.

Design Impact

Since launching A.BCH in 2017, we have:

  • launched 26 products with less than a quarter impact on carbon emissions than conventional comparisons
  • supported traceable, organic farming for 100% of our linen based products and 99.9% of our cotton-based products
  • launched innovative materials and processes in our garments such as formaldehyde-free interlinings, Lenzing Tencel sewing threads, bio-degradable C2C elastics and zero waste whole garment knitting
  • hosted over 20 workshops for customers, topics include repairing, up-cycling and building a sustainable wardrobe
  • included over 100 designers in our group sourcing page
  • publicly advocated for design circularity at more than 30 events

Design Transformation

We have developed a system for creating circular products, and recently have begun to help the industry transform itself when it comes to recycling and value capture. We have begun creating new income streams that do not involve "growth at any cost" or the reliance on huge volumes of raw material use.

Through the lens of transparency, we continue to push for a better model, self-transformation and sharing so others can follow suit. We have become a design leader int the space and are developing new ways to engage industry, government and consumer to each play their part.

Design Innovation

Our innovations are in the products we make, the systems we design for them to flow through and the method of delivery to both customer and industry. We take responsibility for every item we put into the world. Imagine if all companies that made things took this kind of responsibility.

The world would be a fairer place and less volatile. We are now facing huge issues from global heating, resource depletion and human rights and we truly believe in the power of good design to find real solutions to these problems.

Other Key Features

– Every A.BCH is designed with the end in mind and petitions the customer to do their part in the process too
– Every A.BCH garment is make to last in timeless, seasonless styles
– Each A.BCH piece comes with a home care guide
– Each A.BCH piece has access to free repairs for life
– Each A.BCH is fully compostable at home
– Each A.BCH piece has been created for easy mechanical AND chemical recycling streams (biological mono-material)
– A.BCH hosts workshops and talks to get more people involved in the process
– A.BCH works with industry to help transition to circular design thinking and creation

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