Finalist 2019

MSO Learn

Bravo! / Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Telematics

The MSO is one of Australia’s leading orchestras, and each year engages more than 3.5 million people through its live performances, recordings and broadcasts.

In 2011, MSO developed an iOS app called MSO Learn to provide a high-quality learning resource that empowered teachers, encouraged music learning, and connected users to MSO musicians. A lack of updates since its creation resulted in the app becoming unavailable for download by 2017.

Bravo partnered with MSO to redesign and rebuild this valuable educational resource as a more accessible, efficient and responsive web app for all music lovers in 2019.

Design Excellence

MSOLearn is designed to provide a free, unique educational experience for all ages and abilities to understand the inner-workings of a symphony orchestra

The immersive solution includes images and audio to demonstrate the unique symphony orchestra sound and details of particular sections and instrument types

The goal was to recreate a highly successful (and outdated) mobile app into a content-managed, WCAG2.0 AA accessibility compliant and fully responsive web application.

It is now available to a broad audience - suitable for teacher facilitation in classrooms or for personal use

Design of imagery, audio, concise copy and facts makes educational content compelling

Design Impact

MSO Learn is a free, all-access resource for educators and the general public that supports the MSO key strategic pillar of education.

MSOLearn strengthens the MSO position as an educational leader, breaking down traditional access barriers to participation in a sector which faces challenges around perceptions of elitism.

The tool has been incredibly well received by music educators who were consulted in the UX development and testing phases.

Exposing children to music at an early age has many developmental benefits – from strengthening brain development, promoting creativity and expression, to promoting life-long passion for music.

Design Transformation

The original MSO Learn was launched as a mobile application in 2011 but required redevelopment to ensure it was supported.

Bravo was engaged as professional designers to re-imagine and transform MSOLearn into a progressive web application for broader use and continued development in years to come.

MSO Learn is built on an open-source content management system called Umbraco. The MSO team has the autonomy to make quick and easy content updates and changes.

The foundation of MSOLearn is built for ongoing enhancements and as usage increases, MSO will extend the experience with new features and content.

Design Innovation

UX discovery process drew out key insights regarding educator and student behaviour and analysed data from usage of the previous mobile app.

These insights informed the prototype and design choices.

Design with high contrast and dark backgrounds were used to support both accessibility and likely use-cases of projection of the content in a well-lit classroom.

The solution was fully tested by MSO and considered for real-world implementation in classrooms and beyond, engaging internal stakeholders and external educators and using multiple device types from mobile phones to tablets and interactive whiteboards.

The solution sets a benchmark for symphony orchestra education online in Australia.

Other Key Features

Auditory education experience that responds to where users are in the website.

WCAG2.0 AA accessibility compliant.

Intelligent loading respects context of use, downloading audio without delay when wi-fi is detected, and asking permission if mobile data is being used.

Everyone can learn about orchestra instruments, how they work, and hear how an orchestra works through MSO Learn, creating exposure for those who can’t access traditional music lessons.

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