Finalist 2019

Base Cabin

Studio Edwards / Base Cabin

Designed by Studio Edwards for startup company Base Cabin. A mobile retreat providing a fresh design approach to the ‘micro-home’ typology.

Designed to be transported on a trailer and wheeled into its desired location. Providing an intimate connection to nature and the great outdoors.

Design Excellence

The design is inspired by the A-Frame cabin & iconic airstream trailer.
The A-frame structurally efficient. Mute in its appearance & clad in black rubber to blend into its surrounds. A cosy sleeping space sits below the A-frame roof with triangular window framing views. The central toilet & shower pod is bathed in light from the roof-light above. A sink and small counter fitted to the rear of the pod provide kitchen functionality with a window ledge adjacent to the large operable glazed facade. The interior is lined with  cork & birch plywood.

Design Impact

Minimal impact to the landscape and easily relocated due to its mobility
Using natural materials for the interior creating a warm, inviting and tactile space
Provides a cost-efficient alternative to compared to that of building a dwelling
Its unique design creates desirability for small space living - promoting the notion of living with less. Increased awareness of sustainability and resources.

Battery powered electricity and composting toilet - reducing environmental impact and ecological footprint

Design Transformation

  • Intimate connection to landscape/ site
  • Flexible orientation for site specific location to maximise views/ light
  • Opportunity for temporary habitation on sensitive and protected sites
  • Minimal impact to landscape - no footings required
  • Connectivity, retreat and opportunity for short-term mobility

Design Innovation

  • Unique structural concept -minimising materiality and structural components
  • Impervious and durable black rubber cladding wraps the form.
  • Minimal energy consumption promoting off-grid and environmental awareness.
  • Efficient use of space - custom designed fittings for kitchen,
    shower and fixtures
  • Flexible glazing configurations for air flow and climate control

Other Key Features

Efficient fabrication technique using pre fabrication of structural components, linings and outer skin

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