Award of the Year 2017

YMCA Playnasium

Bayly Group / McCann / YMCA

The YMCA Playnasium looks at adult exercise equipment and innovative children’s play equipment, and asks - Why can’t we combine them?

The YMCA wants to build healthier communities by getting people together and getting active, and the Playnasium does that. Using the child generate workout effort, and the parent’s workout effort to move the child’s ride, the Playnasium is the best of both worlds.

Three pieces of equipment were developed for Playnasium. The Pull-Upsy-Daisy combines pull down weights with a see-saw.

Peck-A-Boo combines a pec-deck with a vertical swing and peek-a-boo. Row-Row-Row-Machine combines a rowing machine with a moving dolphin ride.

(Image above from left to right, the pull upsy-daisy, the pec-a-boo, and the row-row-row machine - the YMCA Playnasium)

Design Excellence

The YMCA Playnasium concept has had over 20,000 families physically engage with it during its 9 installations since late 2016.  These engagements encourage parents to exercise and to spend quality time with their kids.

Design Impact

As well as over 20,000 families engaging with the equipment to date, the Playnasium has garnered over 11 million PR impressions for McCann and YMCA in Australia, and has gained international recognition including silver and bronze Lions at Cannes Entertainment Lions

Design Transformation

Not only did the Playnasium need to be safe and engaging for both adults and children to use, it also had to be capable of being moved between multiple sites.  This meant that normal methods of construction and mounting for outdoor equipment were not possible and Bayly had to develop innovative assembly and flooring options to combine mobility, safety and fun.

Design Innovation

The YMCA Playnasium utilised the unique combination of skills on offer from Bayly Group in product design and development, as well as from McCann in innovative marketing, to produce a product that seamlessly blends exercise and playground equipment.

The equipment developed makes casual exercise more enjoyable, provides new opportunities for young parents to engage with their children, and offers unique play experiences for children.  In doing these things it also provides a completely unique promotional platform for YMCA in line with McCann\'s project intent.

Key features

Bayly was engaged to combine adult exercise and child play equipment for installation.  While each equipment type is reasonably common on their own, combining the needs of both age groups and developing an engaging, entertaining solution within relevant standards restrictions was a unique challenge.  Bayly's success at meeting this challenge can be seen by the use that the first three equipment pieces have had.