Best in Category - Service Design 2016

122 Roseneath Street

Local Peoples / Assemble / Assemble Papers

By adapting the principles of human centered design, Local Peoples created a framework for marketing off-the-plan apartments that resulted in 80% of contracts (or $42 million in sales) signed on the first day of launch within 12 hours.

The approach succeeded in changing the way people think about small footprint living by creating a campaign in which sustainability and the lived experience of inhabitants was the focus. Communication design deliverables varied from a brochure to online survey styling, event branding and curation, and experience design as part of our 20+ sessions of design presentations to the community.

Design Excellence

The Long Game (Design Impact)We spent 5 years prior to launching 122 Roseneath St building a community through Assemble Papers – a like-minded audience who value design, the environment and small footprint living. We have built an online community of over 40,000 across our digital channels and celebrate in print with a circulation to 30,000 each year. Our readers are highly engaged and supportive of our brand purpose and values, resulting in immediate and tangible interest in our development when it was first announced.

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Design Impact

Informed Insights (Design Transformation)
In order to transform the property market we needed to research our audience and their values and beliefs. We devised the Assemble Papers Small Footprint Living Survey as a tool to help us understand what makes great medium and high density apartment living. The results were collated and a submission made to the Victorian State Government’s Better Apartments Discussion Paper. The survey attracted nationwide coverage and resulted in over 1600 submissions, informing our communications and giving us a highly qualified database from campaign commencement.

Design Transformation

Creating a Visual Community (Design Excellence)
Our brand and marketing needed to build trust and communicate our belief in creating a genuine community. We collaborated with New York based illustrator Tomi Um to create an intricate campaign illustration depicting a community of people living, talking and relaxing in Clifton Hill. Embedded within these illustrations were each member of our development team. The illustration was used in the teaser campaign on social media posts, rock posters and press/online advertising. It became a much-loved element of the brand and a big talking point among our target market.

Design Innovation

Activating the Site and Building Awareness (Design Innovation)
We wanted to capture the attention of people not only interested in buying a property, but interested in design, community and the betterment of Melbourne as a place to live. Therefore we needed to exist in channels outside of property marketing. We used our warehouse on-site and architectural inspiration to present a month-long series of events titled ‘Brutalist Block Party with over 3500 people visiting over the month’. As well as inviting our interested purchasers and building these relationships, the event series received upwards of 30 pieces of free press in publications such as Broadsheet, The Age, Timeout and SMH.

Other Key Features

Converting Trust to Sales Results (Design Impact)
In the build-up to launch we engaged in a process of consultation and collaboration. We presented directly to interested purchasers, we asked and answered questions and responded to the needs of our purchasers by updating the building design. These design presentations meant that our audience knew our faces and names and believed in our ultimate goal – to create a place we ourselves would truly want to live. The result was 85% of homes sold in 1 day, 95% to owner-occupiers – a new community and an outstanding $42M in sales for the project.